Officer Selection Policy

This proposed is intended to ensure that everyone in the Shire understands the expectations of conduct and performance for our local officers, beyond those requirements mandated at Kingdom or Regional level.

Process For Selecting New Officers

The outgoing officer (or seneschal) will announce that the position is or will be open, and anyone interested in the position should contact the outgoing officer (or seneschal) if they are interested.

The outgoing officer (or seneschal) will make a selection from the candidates and announce the candidate to the group. Before doing this the out going officer will inform the other candidates of their choice.

There will be a period between business meetings for anyone with strong objections to speak privately with the outgoing officer (or seneschal).

If there are no significant objections, there will be a vote of confidence by the group. Assuming this is favorable, there will be an announcement of the new officer to the group.

Requirements For Warranted Officers of the Marche of Alderford