Professional Portrait Photos from KWCS2004

For those who had professional portraits made by Angelina and Scott Oberlin at Known World Costuming Symposium 2004, the thumbnail galleries are now available online.

These are the portraits made in the outdoor courtyard of the hotel. If you requested a portrait, you can now go to the Ofoto site linked from this article (see below) and view your portrait thumbnails. In order to purchase prints, you will need to create an Ofoto account and then select the print(s) you wish to order.

NOTE: This link is provided for information purposes only. Neither the Society for Creative Anachronism nor the Marche of Alderford recommend or endorse this or any other commercial offering.

If you are looking for the portraits taken during the fashion show, please be patient. The film was just received back from the lab on October 4, and it will take some time to get these digitally retouched and printed for those who posed and for the Alderford web site. When they're done an announcement will be posted to the Alderford home page.

The photos, taken by Angelina and Scott Oberlin, are at: