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The Carnival Season
Lady Melissa

A brief look at the "subversive" festival preceding Lent

Elizabethan Boy Toys
Lady Jolicia de Northcliffe

A look at Queen Elizabeth I's closest courtiers

Mask Making, Part 1
Madame Isabelle Bruges

A hands-on workshop using papier maché
$7 materials fee; limited to 10 students


Italian Cooking
Lady Catriona nic Elphinstone

Cooking Italian: recipies and customs

Cheese Making 101 - 2 hours
Lord Giles Fitz Alan

A demonstration and discussion of making your own cheese


Soap 101
Lady Aelfwyn Elspeth

How to make soap in your own kitchen


Venetian Courtesans
Baroness Catriona

A discussion of the historical "Dangerous Beauty"

Lady Muirgheal inghean Broccin

A history of masks and their use during the Middle Ages


Marco Polo and Trade
Mistress Chai'usun

Marco Polo and his influence on the trade routes

Lord Deago de Nararro

Hands-on workshop. Learn how to make a bracelet coil.

$5 materials fee

Mask Making, Part 2

Complete the masks begun in Part 1

4:00-4:30 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race (Troll Hallway)

This schedule is subject to change.

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mka Marti Livingstone
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