Martial Activities

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Armoured Combat

The armoured combat Marshal-In-Charge (MIC) will be Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin. Contact Justin if you have any questions regarding armoured combat at this year's Masque. We will be strictly checking photo ID, SCA membership, authorization card, and site token at the list table. The fighting is scheduled to be indoors, but we may move outdoors if the weather is exceptionally warm and nice (this does sometimes happen here in Ohio, even in February). Probably, therefore, there will be no combat archery or seige engines.

Tournament rules are preliminary and subject to change. Both the MIC and the List Mistresses are in their respective roles for the first time, so please pardon us if paperwork and other administrivia take a little longer. We'll do our best to keep things running smoothly.


We plan to have several Marshals on hand and will be pleased to offer authorizations in armoured combat. If you need to authorize, please try to arrive early (circa 9:30 a.m.), though we will try to work you in later (e.g., during lunch break) if you arrive after the tournaments have started.

Novice Tournament

The Novice Tourney is open to any authorized combatant who has never received an award at the Kingdom level for fighting prowess and who has never won a tournament at a published SCA event (shire-level and household tournaments not included). There is no strict limit on how long one has been authorized, but entrants are asked to consider, upon their own honor, whether they might be a veteran rather than a novice even though they might never have won a tourney or received a fighting award. We will not second-guess you on this, however — if you in good faith consider yourself a novice, that is sufficient for entry.

In keeping with its theme, the Novice Tourney is to be fought exclusively with single-handed weapon and shield, the basic authorization style. This will be a conventional double-elimination tourney, and the winner will receive a prize.

Variable and Vengeful Venetian Violence

The V4 tournament is open to any authorized fighter and allows any combat style or weapon permitted in the Middle Kingdom. This tournament is designed to be a real mixer-upper, with as much randomness in the pairings as possible — in keeping with the shifting intrigues and alliances of courtly life in Venice, of course!

In the V4 tourney, fighters are classified into one of three categories:

  • Knights and Masters-At-Arms (Chivalry)
  • Squires, and members of the Red Company or the Gold Mace (or other-kingdom equivalent fighting award or order)
  • Everyone else

If you defeat someone at your own level or lower, you score 1 point. If you defeat someone at a higher level, you score 2 points. As a special case, if you entered the Novice Tournament and you defeat a member of the Chivalry in the V4 tourney, you receive 3 points.

All bouts are single-elimination, and partners will be chosen by random lot. The tourney lasts until the Marshals declare it ended (that is, when people seem to be getting tired or when we have to close the field to prepare for feast), or for one hour, whichever comes first. At the end of the tourney, the fighter with the most points will be declared the winner and will earn a prize.

The "Ladies of the List" will have a small number of discretionary points which they can hand out to fighters who catch their eye with deeds of valour or courtesy, or especially authentic or interesting armour or heraldry.

Pick-Up Fighting

Of course there will be pick-up fighting! Whatever time is left over at the end of the formal tournaments will be available for pick-up fighting, more authorizations, or ad hoc friendship tournaments (such as a bearpit or something similar).

Rapier Combat

(To be added...check back soon.)

Youth Combat

Due to space constraints, we probably won't be able to offer youth combat, unfortunately. If, however, the weather happens to be pleasant and if a Youth Marshal is in attendance at the event, there is outdoor space that youth combatants will be welcome to use. We are sorry that we can't schedule indoor youth combat; the available space just won't allow it.