Minutes from 2005-02-01 Business Meeting

These are the minutes of the February 1 shire business meeting. These will appear in the February issue of the Alder Leaf.

Alderford Business Meeting
February 1, 2005


  1. Thistle is holding fighter practices at the Knights of Columbus in Medina and invite people to attend. Contact Baron Alexander for details.


  1. Exchequer: Lord Hugh the Silent reported a balance of $2309.43. $44 was collected in the kitty.
  2. Herald: Lady Feketa Rosa reported that names and devices are pending.
  3. MoAS: Lady Aileen was ill and did not attend. Baroness Catriona will be teaching a class on Period Board Games at the next meeting, Feb 15. It is a hands-on workshop.
  4. Knights Marshal: Lord Einar reported that there would be two practices at St John’s this month, tentatively scheduled for Feb 13th and Feb 27th. The second practice will have a carry-in dinner. All are welcome to attend, even non-fighters.
  5. Rapier Marshal: Not Present.
  6. Archery Marshal: There was a good turnout at the St Sebastian Day party. There will be a practice on Feb 4th at Hadley’s from 6-8 pm in Green. Contact Forester Offria for details.
  7. Thrown Weapons Marshal: Lord Quinton was absent but sent news that nothing was happening during the winter months.
  8. Chatelaine: Milady Suzanne is now Chatelaine.
  9. Demos: THL Milica would speak on these during New Business.
  10. Web Minister and Chirurgeon: Maistor Iustinos Tekton was out of town on business and was absent.
  11. Chronicler: A plea for articles went out. Baroness Catriona had copies of last month’s missing business minutes. A new twist on an old excuse, she was quoted as saying, “The car ate them.”


  1. Performer’s Guild: In hiatus.
  2. Cook’s Guild: THL Lady Francesca reported that last month’s “East Meets West” meeting was cancelled due to the bad weather. It will be rescheduled. For the present, the guild is preparing food for the upcoming event.
  3. Armorer’s Guild: Contact Sergeant Garth for details.


  1. DEMOS: There are two scheduled for this summer. July 16 (Saturday afternoon) for the Louisville Public Library and July 22 (Friday evening) for the Stark Co. Library. Under discussion was adding 2 to 3 more. It was decided to do demos on June 13 (Monday evening) at the Claymont Library and on June 21 (Tuesday evening) at the Sandy Valley Library. Alliance Public Library is also interested in a demo, but will get back to us on a date and time. THL Milica also mentioned that the libraries would be interested in individuals doing lectures and classes.
  2. It was announced that the Brendoken activity, The Very Civil War, (previously known as Southern Aggression) would be conducted at Alderford’s Oaken Melee School event in July. This will continue for the foreseeable future.
  3. March 6 (Sunday afternoon) is tentatively schedule as Inventory Day!!!! Details to be announced.
  4. BRENDOKEN The Barony is looking for bids on a baronial championship event for this coming up fall. These are to be submitted to Lord Brice as Baronial Seneschal. For the next two months the meetings will be held at The Mill in Smithville, Ohio. The Barony is soliciting bids for leather coronets. These bids are submitted to Lord Brice as the Officer of Regalia.
  5. Magician’s Guild: Lord Varden wants to create a guild for magicians. If you are interested, please contact him.


  1. No news on the Hall of Fame Parade Demo
  2. Masque
    1. There will be a staff meeting on Monday, February 7, at Scott and Kathie’s house starting at 7 pm.
    2. Autocrat, Lord Brice, reported that things are doing well
    3. Volunteers are needed for Security, Clean up in the kitchen, Tear down of the site, and Servers. A volunteer is especially needed to back up Lady Nastasia as Troll.
    4. There is a waiting list for Merchants. THL Milica has contacted the merchants interested in attending to get confirmations. There are a total of 10 merchant spaces available.
    5. There will not be any Children Activities planned, though there will be a Children’s area with materials available, but parents are expected to supervise their own offspring.
    6. HRH Noelle will be attending the event. There will be a Regency Court. Get your recommendations in NOW! Lady Anne of Dragonhurst has volunteered to decorate the Royal Presence area and high table.
    7. The church was paid last week, and we should be able to get in to set up on Friday night.
    8. The Klingons will be serving lunch, and feast will serve 80 people.

The meeting was adjourned and a social time was had by all.

Catriona, Baroness Brendoken, respectfully submits these minutes.