Minutes from 2005-07-19 Business Meeting

Minutes from the July 19 business meeting of the Marche of Alderford.


5 interested gentles attended and introductions were made. There were about 25 gentles in attendance.



Lord Hugh the Silent reported a balance of $4391.28. $55 was collected in the kitty.


Lady Feketa Rosa reported that not much was new.


Lady Ceit asked those who had done activities to write them down.

Knights Marshal

Lord Einar reported that there would most likely not be a fighter practice before Pennsic.

Rapier Marshal

Not Present

Archery Marshal

Not Present

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Not Present


Milady Suzanne reported that Gold Key was used at the Oaken Melee event. She purchased supplies to make bookmarks for the recent demos.

Demo Coordinator

Lady Ceit reminded the group that Alderford has 3 library demos to go. July 22 at the Downtown Canton Library, July 26 at the Tuscarawas Library in New Philadelphia and the Alliance Library at Glamorgan Castle grounds on July 28.

Web Minister

Maistor Iustinos reported that photos are online at http://sca.4th.com/. New members were urged to join the list serve and register at the Alderford web site.


Lady Feketa was happy to report that there were no injuries at the Oaken Melee event and one injury to treat at the Louisville Library demo. Justin was happy to report that he had renewed his EMT certs. Milica proudly showed her First Aid and CPR card.


A plea for articles went out. Baroness Catriona promised good chocolate to those who submitted articles.


Performer’s Guild

King Lear in a Box will be performed on July 23rd at Lady Katryn’s home starting at 7 PM. Please bring munchies if you are so inclined.

Cook’s Guild

THL Francesca reported that over 500 cookies were baked in preparation for the demo on July 22nd.

Armorer’s Guild

Contact Sergeant Garth for details.

Magician’s Guild

Lord Vardon was not present.


The Barony has changed the meeting schedule. There will be a business meeting once a quarter. A social activity will be planned for a different date once a quarter, also. Volunteers to be retainers for the Baron and Baroness are being sought. Please contact Lord Brice or Lady Debforgail is you are interested.


Discussion of the Alderford Christmas party. Justin suggested 91 Wood Fired Oven as a site. The group agreed and Justin will make a reservation for December 12th at 7 PM.

There is a household in Tuscarawas County near Newcomerstown. They are interested in perhaps starting an SCA group there. A discussion followed concerning ceding a new SCA group Tuscarawas County, as it now is part of Alderford. It was decided that if the group became a viable shire there would be no objection in giving the land rights to them. It was further decided that Alderford would offer to sponsor the new group, should the need arise.

Sergeant Einar and Lady Maerwynn volunteered to host the Alderford Birthday Celebration at their home on the weekend of September 24th. Details will follow.

Milica announced that she plans to step down from the office of Seneschal after this year’s Domesday Report in January 2006. She requests that interested parties send her a letter of intent by the first week of September.


The group purchased a shelter/garage tent.

Justin purchased 7 CB type radios. These were different from the radios previously discussed, but will suit our purposes better. There was an overage in the budgeted amount and the group decided to authorize payment for this overage.


Activities for the remaining 3 demos were discussed. July 22nd’s demo starts at 6, set up will be prior to that. Park in the staff parking lot. A list of tentatively scheduled activities has been posted to the list. The July 26th demo in New Philadelphia will be small. The time is 2-3 PM. The Alliance demo is on July 28th from 7-8:30 PM. A schedule of activities has been posted on the e-mail list. A reminder was given concerning the Gwyntarian demo on July 30th in Hudson, Ohio. The demo is from 9 Am to 4 PM. Our help is requested.


The autocrats are still working on obtaining a site. Several places have not yet returned calls.


Milica sent notice cancelling our participation in this year’s parade by e-mail, phone and letter. There has yet to be a response.

There is a meeting on August 2 at Walsh College, starting at 7:30 PM. The next August meeting will be a revel and welcome home from Pennsic on August 23rd at Justin and Milica's home. Details will be posted on the list.

The meeting was adjourned and all had a social time.

Catriona, Baroness Brendoken, respectfully submits these minutes.
Justin, Web Minister, edited for web format (added/reordered headings)