Here are the classes scheduled for this year's Masque of Courtly Love. The list is subject to change, of course, and additional classes are likely to be added as their scheduling is finalized.

Medieval Timekeeping (THL Saradwen)
Replicas of period timepieces and how they were used in reckoning time. 1 hour/ No restrictions/ No fees

Acqua di Rosa per il timido (Lady Nastasia)
(Rose water for the timid): The class will show how to distill rose water and the materials needed, and also the quick method of infusing rose water on the stove top will be done in class. 2 hours/ over 12 yrs./ 10 students/ $3 materials fee

Weird Science of the Middle Ages (Lady Mageen)
Come explore the oddities and conundrums of the world of science as it was practiced in the Middle Ages. 1 hour/ No restrictions/ No fees

Medieval Mindset, or What Where Those People Thinking!? (Baroness Catriona)
An overview of the philosophies that supported and shaped the core beliefs of Western Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. 1 hour/ No restrictions/ No fees

Intro to Alchemy (Lord Mael Ruain mac Seain)
Through the discussion of Spagyrics, the preparation of Medicines, Period cosmology and Period empiricism will be discussed. Attention will be drawn to parallels in modern sciences. 2 hours/ No one under 10/ No fees

Geography of the Soul: The Voyage of St. Brendan and the Irony of the Age of Discovery (Lord Mael Ruain mac Seain)
Different views of reality create different goals and very different results. Both St. Brendan and Columbus claimed to have traveled for the glory of God. Taught in persona by a very anachronistic Irish Monk. 1 hour/ No restrictions/ No fees

Illumination for the non-Artist (Lord Robert of Bristol)
This is a class for people who do not think they have the artistic ability to create scroll blanks but would like to learn how it could be done. The class will show techniques in how to make scroll blanks without freehand drawling or lots of artistic ability. 1 hour/ 10 yrs and above/ 10 students/

A Jongleurs Guild: Wanted (Lady Elizabeth)
Vocalists to gather. The goal is to create a Jongleurs Guild to share a love of singing and to perhaps perform at local events. There will be opportunities to discuss plans and to sing unison vocal music, from a few countries in Europe, early Byzantine pieces, and some easy harmony or rounds. 1 hour