Martial Activities

"Will there be fighting at Masque?" You bet! All kinds of fighting! This year we are pleased to have armoured combat, rapier combat, and youth combat.

Armoured Combat

In addition to authorizations and ample time for pick-up fighting, the Masque of Courtly Love this year will feature a Trivia Tourney organized by Sgt. Einar. With each pass through the list, combatants will receive 3 points for a win against a knight, 2 points for all others, and a loss against anyone will get you 1 point. When reporting your points to the list table, you will have the chance to score additional points by answering a general knowledge trivia question. Answering the trivia question correctly will get you an additional 2 points, incorrectly will cost you nothing. Everyone must attempt to answer a question in order for their combat points to count. Questions will be selected from general Middle Kingdom, SCA, or martial facts (i.e. "What is the name of our current Queen? What is the name of the piece of armor that covers the lower arm?").

Rapier Combat

The fencing list will be open for most of the day for tournaments and individual challenges.

Youth Combat

Young warriors should bring their armour and weaponry, as we will be offering youth/boffer combat this year.