Alderford E-Mail Lists


Alderford maintains several mailing lists to help members keep in touch. The main Alderford list is for any general discussions related to the shire. An Event Staff list is also provided for event planning.

The advantage of an e-mail list such as this one is that members of the group can easily communicate with one another, without the need for each person to maintain an address list in his or her own e-mail software.

In addition to Alderford's lists, this server has a number of other SCA-related mailing lists. A complete catalog of lists is available.

Subscribing to the Lists

Each list has its own information page, and these pages contain the forms to subscribe to that list. Your subsbriptions are managed independently of one another, and you can change your options for each list to which you are subscribed.

Guidelines for Use

Subscribing to the lists is entirely voluntary, and there is no charge to members or to the shire. Subscription is restricted to members only, and to selected other parties at the discretion of the list moderators.

These are unmoderated list, meaning that all messages are posted without review by list moderators. The moderators will remove messages which are libelous, which violate copyright or other applicable law, or which violate SCA or Middle Kingdom policy, but will not edit for content.

Members are asked to refrain from excessive profanity, remembering that this forum is also used by young people and their parents. We are all Ladies and Lords of the Current Middle Ages, so please let's behave accordingly.

Please note that not every shire member has an e-mail address, and some of those who do may not check it as often as others. The mailing list is not a substitute for other means of communication. A portion of the relevant SCA policy document is reproduced below, for your convenience.

SCA Policy on Electronic Communication

The following text is reprinted verbatim from SCA policy. The original document can be found in the Revisions to Corporate Policies:

Electronic Communications to and from SCA Officers

3.1 Formal communications to and from SCA officers may be directed through electronic means (E- mail) as well as through postal or fax systems. However, messages posted for general attention on any public system may not be regarded as formal communications to an officer, whether or not that officer is known to participate on the bulletin board system in question.

3.2 Formal E-mail correspondence with an SCA officer is acceptable and official only when the officer has offered to communicate electronically, by placing his or her E-mail address in SCA publications, by releasing it for individual use, and by initiating E-mail corresponding for official business.

3.3 Formal E-mail correspondence from an SCA officer is appropriate only as a reply to incoming E-mail where electronic communication is clearly invited and welcomed by the recipient.

3.4 In any official E-mail correspondence, it is the responsibility of the sender to make sure that a hard copy, unless waived by the recipient, is sent out by a known and working path. A hard copy must also be sent to those individuals indicated as receiving a copy of E-mail correspondence, unless they too have waived the need for such a hard copy. The "default" path is any established postal delivery service.

3.5 Official electronic correspondence must be treated like any other piece of official correspondence. Any policies or procedures governing the handling of official correspondence, such as the maintenance of file copies for correspondence with lasting effect, apply equally to official electronic mail.