Masque of Courtly Love XIII: A Celebration of Mirth and Merry-Making

Please join us for a day of Heavy fighting, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Classes, Display of Arts and Sciences, Bardic activities, Shopping, Eating, Mirth and Merry Making! The Marche of Alderford proudly presents Masque of Courtly Love XIII: A Celebration of Mirth and Merry-Making.

The final Baronial Court of Their Excellencies Catriona and Alexander will be at 10:00 a.m.

February 21, 2009
9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. EST
Grace United Methodist Church
1720 Schneider St. NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720
[ Map and Directions ]

Doors open to the populace at 9:00 a.m., and site closes at 10:00 p.m. This site is fully wheelchair-accessible.

Site is bone-dry everywhere, and nonsmoking in or near the building.

Event Features

Baronial Investiture: We have been informed by Their Royal Majesties Ullr & Annelyse and Their Royal Highnesses EikBrandr & Runa that the Investiture of our new Baron and Baroness Sgt. Einar Blakklar and Lady Maerwynn of Warwick will be held at The Masque of Courtly Love XIII.

Their Royal Highnesses will be in attendance. Persons who wish to serve as royal retainers should contact the royalty liasions, Katarina ( and Ailith ( for scheduling and duties.

Martial Activities: The Masque of Courtly Love will offer both armoured and rapier combat this year, with tournaments for each. This year, we are also pleased to add archery and thrown weapons to the list of martial activities.

Arts and Sciences: As always, the Masque of Courtly Love will feature an extensive array of classes; check back for details as we finalize the schedule.

Feast: THL Francesca de Onorati will present a sumptuous Italian feast to delight the palate.

Tavern of the Dead Parrot will be serving tasty lunch morsels, and there will be a Bardic coffee house hosted by Llywelyn & Kateryn Draper.

Other activities: Our site also offers a spacious populace lounge where you can relax with friends. In the evening, join us for a Masqued Costume Ball after feast, with a prize to be given for best use of Brendoken Baronial colors (green, black & gold). Music will be provided by House Silvermoor.


Site Fees:
Pre registered $6.00 adult, $3.00 child 5-12, children under 5 free
At the door $7.00 adult, $3.50 child 5-12, children under 5 free
Fees do not include adult non-member surcharge of $3.00.

Feast Fees:
Adult $12.00
Child 12 and under $8.00
Optional child's meal $5.00
Feast seating limited to 125 gentles; advance registration is strongly recommended. Advance registration deadline for feast is February 7. For dietary concerns, contact our feast steward no later than February 1, 2009.

Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. - Marche of Alderford. Send preregistrations to:
Cynthia David
709 33rd St NE
Canton, OH 44714

Further contact information is on the staff listing page.

Check the list below for the activities of interest to you. We are finalizing plans for the remaining activities, so more details will be forthcoming soon...please check again.

Map and Directions

Grace United Methodist Church
1720 Schneider St. NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720


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All guests take your best route to Ohio State Rte. 62 that goes through Canton. From the west take the Market Avenue exit. Turn left at the bottom of the exit onto Market Ave** heading north. Travel approximately 3 miles. Turn left onto Schneider Road NW. Site is about 0.5 miles on the left. From the east take the Market Avenue/30th Street Exit towards Martindale Road. Continue past the light at Martindale Rd., straight towards Market Ave. Turn right onto Market Ave and proceed from ** above.

Arts and Sciences Display

Have a project you’d like to show off? Have something on which you’d like to get feedback before submitting it to A&S judges? Want to encourage others to “make stuff”? Bring an entry for the Masque of Courtly Love’s Arts and Science Display!

If you want feedback, we’ll provide forms for the populace to fill out. If you just want to show off your project, you’re welcome to do that, too. Just let us know in which category you’d like to display, whether or not you’d like feedback, how much space you’ll need, and whether or not you’ll need a table. If you need something like a manikin or an easel, you will need to provide it, but let us know what we can do to show your effort off to its best effect.

Categories include Textile & Needle Arts; Technological Sciences; Studio Arts and Sciences, and Domestic Arts and Sciences. Subcategories under these can be found in the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire Judging Criteria.

Please join us in showcasing all our wonderful A&S artists and artisans and encouraging others to “go and do likewise.” Please send information about your entry (Item, category, display needs) to Lady Ceit,, by 14 February 2009.

“Have fun, make stuff!”

Bardic Activities

This year's Masque of Courtly Love will feature a variety of bardic activities. Check this page as the event nears to find out what's been added.

Magic Carpet Kavehane Flies Again

The Magic Carpet Kavehane, northern North Oaken's finest Turkish-Welsh bardic coffee house, will land in Alderford for the Masque of Courtly Love, February 21. The kavehane is sponsored by the bards of Alderford and the Cleftlands Storytellers Guild.

We're proud to announce that, even in these uncertain economic times, we've refused to raise our prices. The cost of a cup of coffee is still a song, a tale, a tune, or a dance.

Need a morning shot of energy? Get that sinking feeling between the closing of the lists and the start of court? Join us for beans and bardolatry to get the juices flowing.


We will, as always, offer an extensive schedule of classes at this year's Masque of Courtly Love.

Class Descriptions

Brendoken Seneschal's office hours
Giles fitz Alan (
1 Hour

Masque Making Workshop
Maerwynn of Warwick (
An informal hands on workshop for mask making. Mask forms as well as embellishments will be provided. Stop by to chat or to make a mask. Limit of one mask per person until forms run out.
1/2 hour to 1 hour

“Yes Virginia there are period female pirates."
Elizabetta of the Confraternity of St. Eve (Chrystal Lee Mcgregor) (
There have been pirates since the beginning of time.  And since then there have been females amongst the crew and sometimes at the helm.  We will discuss the lives of three such women who influenced their world politically, economically, socially and culturally.
No limit on class size, about 10 copies of the handout available. No fee.
1 Hour

Soap 101: Lady Aelfwyn's Soap-making Basics
Lady Aelfwyn Elswith of the Confraternity of St. Eve (
Yep, it's THAT class. Never put lye to oils? This class is for you.  Examines common misconceptions about soap-making, what you'll need to get started, and how you can develop your own recipes.  This will be a demo class. Class & handouts limited to 32.
2 hours

Beginning Kumihimo
Lady Aelfwyn Elswith of the Confraternity of St. Eve (
Need a portable craft with usable results? Tired of lugging huge looms to events? Try Kumihimo. This Japanese cord making art is easy and fun. This class will get you started making cords for awards, draw strings, favors, in the colors of your arms, your household, your kingdom. You'll get everything you need for a starter project along with instructions for larger projects later on. Handouts can be for as many as attend and are $1.00, kits are currently limited to 5 and are $2.00
1 Hour

Weaving & Spinning
Rowan Spiritwalker (
Rowan Spiritwalker teaches an open, informal class and discussion on handspinning and weaving, touching on the various stages of preparation, production and finishing. Topics include (but are not limited to) the various fibers available during the period of 900 to 1600 A.D., protein (animal) fibers versus cellulose (plant) fibers, and silk; preparation (washing, combing, retting, etc), spinning on a wheel, plying, and weaving on an upright MasterWeaver II loom. Questions and other topics within the scope of the class are welcomed, gladly answered and discussed.
Four one hour segments

Ryuzoji-dono Kenshin (
This class will look briefly at the history of Haiku, as well as some of the notable poets. Most of the class will be directed toward writing haiku using various techniques, with the goal of capturing a moment of time in 17 syllables.
1 Hour

Recruiting for your SCA group
Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy (
Topics include: Identifying target populations, running effective demos, networking/public relations in your community, retaining new members, and encouraging past members to play with your group again.
2 Hours

Basic Calligraphy
Baroness Milesent (
An overview of the history of calligraphy and introduction to various pens and inks; calligraphy is one art that is cheaper when you are authentic! We will examine the basic strokes needed to master most letter forms. Auditors are welcome; may be dull for children unless they are particularly advanced, no un-attended minors please.
1 Hour

M.O.A.S. Meet & Greet
Cliodhna of Scone (
1/2 Hour

Kingdom Scribe's office hours
1-1/2 Hours


Feast for Masque of Courtly Love

Any dietary concerns need to be given to THL Francesca de Onorati, the Feastocrat, by February 1, 2009. Feel free to email her at with any questions.

In order to offer as many people as possible places at feast, we are using 'common service'. Someone from each table will be asked to bring the food from the kitchen. We hope this will allow you to get to know your tablemates better and make the new folks feel at ease.

Feast Menu

The Feast Steward reserves the right to serve these dishes in whatever order is best suited to the facilities available and to change the form in which they are served.

Martial Activities

For those who are in the mood to attack their friends with pointy things, heavy things, or other instruments of destruction, we have just what you want! The Masque of Courtly Love will offer a variety of ways to have fun killing your friends and casual acquaintances.

Armoured and rapier activities will take place in the Main Hall; archery and thrown weapons will be outdoors.

Watch this space for more information about additional activities.

Armoured Combat Activities

(to be added)

Rapier Combat Activities

Lord Lorenzo of Gwyntarian, lorenzosca (at), is the Rapier Marshal for the Masque of Courtly Love this year. Lorenzo has a full day of fun planned for the rapier combatants.

Archery Activities

Masque of Courtly Love adds archery activities for 2009. Watch this space for more details.

Thrown Weapons Activities

We are also pleased to add thrown weapons this year. Again, watch this space for more details.

Martial Activities Schedule

TimeRapier CombatArmoured CombatArcheryThrown Weapons
9:00 a.m.Lists open for inspections and authorizations
(tbd)Lunch break
Open list (if Marshal present)
(tbd)Lists close. To help us set up quickly for Court, please remove your equipment from the Main Hall promptly.

Schedule of Activities

The following tentative schedule is subject to change, but should serve as a basic guide so that you can be sure not to miss the activities that matter most to you.



Lord Angus MakMartane (William Tedrick)

Lady Cliodhna of Scoon (Katie Nolen)


Mardöll Vilhjálmsdóttir (Cynthia David)
709 33rd St NE
Canton, OH 44714


Lord Morgan de'Ath (Bret Johnson)

Marshal of Rapier

Lord Lorenzo di Calabria

Archery Marshal

Forester Offria Pinkhand (Karen Thewlis)

Thrown Weapons Marshal

(to be added)

Feast Steward

THL Francesca de Onorati

Class Coordinator

Lord Fohl Dubh (Dave Salberg)

Merchant Coordinator

Isolde Godbehere (Kaci Godbehere)

Department of Public Works

Maistor Justinos Tekton