Bardic Activities

This year's Masque of Courtly Love will feature a variety of bardic activities. Check this page as the event nears to find out what's been added.

Magic Carpet Kavehane Flies Again

The Magic Carpet Kavehane, northern North Oaken's finest Turkish-Welsh bardic coffee house, will land in Alderford for the Masque of Courtly Love, February 21. The kavehane is sponsored by the bards of Alderford and the Cleftlands Storytellers Guild.

We're proud to announce that, even in these uncertain economic times, we've refused to raise our prices. The cost of a cup of coffee is still a song, a tale, a tune, or a dance.

Need a morning shot of energy? Get that sinking feeling between the closing of the lists and the start of court? Join us for beans and bardolatry to get the juices flowing.