There will be three room for classes/discussions. Two of the rooms will be dedicated to specific topics.

One will be the Fiber Arts room. Bring sewing projects, lace making, spinning wheels, questions, and ideas. Lady Rowen will be teaching wool processing and spinning, and Lady Ceit will be discussing natural dyes.

The second room is the Scribal Arts room. Baroness Katarina will coordinate a Blank Scroll Workshop. Bring your paints, projects, questions, and interesting tidbits to share. Tentatively, Lady Cassandra du Belle Isle, the Oaken Signet, will be on hand to help answer questions.

The third room will house a track of hour-long classes. We are looking for "manly" A&S how-to topics as well as the gentler activities. Classes will start at 10 am and end at 4 pm.

Tentative Class Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.

Room 1: Scribal Arts all day

Baroness Katarina and THL Cassandra facilitating a make blank scrolls-a-thon

Room 2: Fiber Arts Room

10 AM -- I'm Dyeing to Know

11 AM -- Beginning Kumihimo

1 PM -- A Practical Approach to Wool and Fiber

Room 3: Classes

10 AM -- Perspective on the World

11 AM -- Beginning Pewter Casting

1 PM -- Soap 101: Soap-making Basics

2 PM -- Introduction to Beekeeping

3 PM -- Building small wagons for SCA use

Room 4

1 PM -- Have Recorder, Will Play

Class Descriptions

Soap 101: Lady Aelfwyn's Soap-making Basics
Instructor: Lady Aelfwyn Elswith of the Confraternity of Saint Eve

Yep, it's THAT class. Never put lye to oils? This class is for you. Examines common misconceptions about soap-making, what you'll need to get started, and how you can develop your own recipes. This will be a demo class.
$2.00 for handouts/sample
Class is limited to 32. The fewer the students the larger the sample will be.

Beginning Kumihimo
Instructor: Lady Aelfwyn Elswith of the Confraternity of Saint Eve

Need a portable craft with usable results? Tired of lugging huge looms to events? Try Kumihimo. This Japanese cord making art is easy and fun. This class will get you started making cords for awards, draw strings, favors, in the colors of your arms, your household, your kingdom. You'll get everything you need for a starter project along with instructions for larger projects later on.
$2.00 for limited handouts/kit

A Practical Approach to Wool and Fiber
Instructor: Rowan Spiritwalker

This is an open, informal class and discussion on the practical side of working with wool and fiber, spinning and weaving, touching on the various stages of preparation, production and finishing. Topics include, but are not limited to: the various breeds, period and modern; choosing a fleece; preparation and tools, then and now; washing, combing, carding, retting, etc; spinning on a wheel, plying, and weaving on an upright “MasterWeaver II” loom. Questions and other topics within the scope of the class, are welcomed, gladly answered and discussed.
Handouts are available/no fee.

Have Recorder, Will Play
Instructor: Baroness Catriona nicHugh Mclaey

If you have a recorder and would like to play with others, I have a recorder, too. So, let’s JAM!! Duet and ensemble sheet music for soprano recorder will be provided. These are not just dance music. I also have a couple extra recorders for those who might need one.
$2 for the sheet music if you take it home.

Perspective on the World
Instructor: Baroness Catriona nicHugh Mclaey

For the artist in the Middle Ages, art was to explain God’s plan, not to reproduce how an individual saw the world. What changed and why? We will explore the influence perspective had on art, but also on philosophy, warfare, and city planning.
Handouts are available/no fee.

I'm Dyeing to Know
Instructor: Lady Catriona Fionnaghal nic Elphinstone known as Ceit

A demonstration workshop on dyeing using natural materials, come join us as we explore the art and science of dyeing.

We'll be investigating how we can use some natural materials to dye other natural materials and what it takes to have this happen. We’ll touch on the differences between animal and vegetable fiber; talk about mordants, and learn how to extract dyes from some plant materials. We’ll talk about the difference between dyes and pigments, how dye particles are bound to the fibers being dyed, and how we can facilitate this process. We’ll try dyeing some natural fibers with plant derived dyes and talk about the results. We’ll learn why natural dyeing is always an adventure.

If you’re new to the world of natural dyes, we'll introduce you to this fascinating activity. If you’re an old hand, come and give us the benefit of your expertise. The “occasional” dye crafter can enjoy the unpredictability of the results, while the experts can be our “guild masters” and tell us what to do if we wish to reduce some of the variables.
Handouts are available/no fee. Class size: 20

Introduction to Beekeeping
Instructor: Maistor Justinos Tekton called Justin

Beekeeping is an agricultural science that has been traced back to ancient times. Although today we practice beekeeping with modern equipment and medicines to treat illness, the basics are still dictated by the needs of the bees. Part-time beekeeper Justin will introduce the basics of bee biology and life cycles, equipment and techniques used in modern beekeeping, and will provide an overview of how modern beekeeping differs from that practiced in the Middle Ages.
Handouts are available/no fee. Children under 12 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Beginning Pewter Casting
Instructor: Lord Kenna McKenna

This class will cover some history of pewter casting in period, basic techniques, required equipment and supplies, mold making, and safety. In addition, Lord Kenna will be demonstrating pewter casting on site (outside the class environment) at other time(s) to be determined.

Building Small Wagons for SCA Use
Instructor: Lord Kenna McKenna

This class will cover plans for a simple wagon with handouts for each attendee.

For more information on classes, contact the Class Coordinator, Baroness Catriona nic Hugh Mclaey.