Classes for Brendokenfest 2009

Class schedule and listing is subject to change.

Class Schedule

TimeClass Space AClass Space BClass Space C
10:00-11:00Francesca Explains It All!Female Pirates 101
11:15-12:15FiberfestBeginning Kumihimo
12:30-1:30Soapmaking 101
3:00-4:00Persona 101

Class Descriptions

Beginning Kumihimo
Lady Aelfwyn Elswith of the Confraternity of Saint Eve (1 hr.)

Need a portable craft with usable results? Tired of lugging huge looms to events? Try Kumihimo. This Japanese cord making art is easy and fun. This class will get you started making cords for awards, draw strings, favors, in the colors of your arms, your household, your kingdom. You'll get everything you need for a starter project along with instructions for larger projects later on. Handouts and kits limited, $2.00 fee.

Soap 101: Lady Aelfwyn's Soap-making Basics
Lady Aelfwyn Elswith of the Confraternity of Saint Eve (2 hrs.)

Yep, it's THAT class. Never put lye to oils? This class is for you. Examines common misconceptions about soap-making, what you'll need to get started, and how you can develop your own recipes. This will be a demo class. $2.00 for handouts and sample, class is limited.

Fiberfest: A Practical Approach to Working with Wool
M'Lady Rowan Spiritwalker (11:15 to 4:00)

Rowan Spiritwalker will be holding a daylong open, informal fiber and spinning forum at her wool booth during Brendokenfest. Topics and subject matter will be freeform, touching on the various aspects of preparation, spinning and finishing as participant interest dictates. Bring a spinning wheel, spindle, carders, combs or whatever you have and pull up a chair for some great company and fun. Two "loaner" wheels will be available at the booth as well as fleeces for those who need them.

Persona 101
Lady Kateryn Draper (1 hr)

This class teaches the basics of SCA persona development. “If you don't have a persona yet, you will by the end of class."

Francesca Explains It All - How To Enter A&S Faires That Is!
THL Francesca de Onorati (1 hr)

Stop by for some insights into entering A&S. Class will be a Q&A format with discussion of the criteria and how to write documentation. A limited number (10) of handouts will be available for $2.00 or the information can emailed after the event.

Female Pirates 101
Lady Elizabeta (1 hr)

Pirates weren't just smelly guys with funky hair--women worked and raided alongside their male counterparts throughout history.  Come learn about three who made a name for themselves.