Note: The class schedule is subject to change on or before the day of the event, but this is our most current information as of now. For information about classes, or to sign up as an instructor, contact our class coordinator.








11 AM-12 PM


Juggling 101, or The Juggler from Notre Dame (a medieval legend from France)

Lord John of Southkeep

Learn to do the 3-ball cascade.  No experience?  No talent?  No balls?  No problem!




Oil Lamps, or My Lovely Lantern! (A Folktale from Manipur, India)

Lady Ysmay of New Ros

Learn the history behind the oil lamp and make one to take home! The information is based on the class

given by Master Bedwyr at Pennsic.

Class fee $1 per kit. There are 25 kits available. Participants 8 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.

1 PM-2 PM


Soap Making 101, or Soap! Soap! Don’t Forget the Soap! (An English/Appalachian Jack Folktale)

Lady Aelfwyn Elswith of the Confraternity of St. Eve

Never put lye to oils and always wanted to see someone else do it first? This is that class for you. I’ll be making a one-pound batch of Castile while we examine some common misconceptions about soap making. We’ll go over what you need to get started, how to make your own recipes and where to go from here. You’ll be sent home with recipes, information on molds and resources, and a small sample.

Handouts available



Middle Eastern Treats, or Scheherazade’s Sweetmeats (1001 Arabian Nights)

Baroness Madelaine Bouvier

This is a Make-it/Take-it, and probably Eat-it, Workshop on creating Middle Eastern confections. Sweetmeats likely began as a way of preserving fruit and/or nuts with sugar.  Find out recipes and actually make the items.

Handouts 50¢

2 PM-3 PM


Art in the Dark, or 

The Boy Who Drew Cats

(A Japanese Fairy Tale)

Baroness Katarina Peregrine

For newcomers or veterans, this class gives you an overview of major art pieces of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and the chance to see the progression of art in the timeframe of the SCA period.

Handouts are available, please pre-reg for it if possible. Class limit 15. Class fee: $5. A parent must accompany children under 16.



Bidding the Bedes, or Helping the Memory: Storyteling Beads

Lady Elizabethe Alles

An Introduction to Paternosters on western European christian prayer beads in the Middle Ages and information on making your own replica.

12 kits are available to make a bone or glass paternoster for supply fee of $5.

3 PM- 4 PM


Mask Making Workshop or How Raccoon Got His Mask (A Seneca Folk Tale)

Baroness Maerwynn of Brendoken

Masks offer an opportunity for creative expression; they can transform your face into something mysterious, terrifying, or humorous. We have an array of items

for you to use. Come and create!

Open to both adults and youngsters. Participants 8 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.



The Ins and Outs of Fairy Tales, or When Fairies Were Scary: The Story of Tam Lin (A Scottish Fairy Tale)

Baroness Catriona nicHugh Mclaey

Learn the history of the fairy tale and how fairies

started as “surviving echoes of the gods” and

evolved into Disney’s Tinkerbelle.

Handouts available