Site Rules

Please help us retain the privilege of using this wonderful site in the future, by obeying the following site rules:

  1. This is a bone-dry site by policy of the site owner, and indoors is a smoke-free site by Ohio state law. Smoking is permitted outdoors, well away from the building. Please dispose of any smoking waste properly.
  2. By policy of the site owner, no gambling or mock-gambling is permitted on the site.
  3. As this is a church, please respect the beliefs of the site owner by refraining from acts that would offend their place of worship. We are all welcome to believe as we wish, but we are in someone else's spiritual home and should behave as courteous guests.
  4. Young children must be in the company of a responsible adult at all times. This rule will be enforced on a case-by-case basis depending on the children's behavior, rather than by an arbitrary age restriction. In all situations, however, your children must be able to tell us how to find you in case of a problem or emergency; if they are not old enough to do that, then please keep them near you. Unruly children may be given espresso and a puppy.
  5. A play area is provided for parents and children, but the event staff will not be providing child activities or supervision.
  6. Certain areas, marked with "NO SCA" signs, are completely off-limits to SCA folk because we have not rented those parts of the building. Please respect these areas and the "STAFF ONLY" and similarly-marked restricted areas. The kitchen is limted to staff only, to allow our dedicated cooks to work most efficiently. Wanderers may end up in the stew pot.
  7. Merchants are responsible for knowing and complying with all tax codes and other commercial laws in the locality of the site.
  8. Please keep hallways and the main hall clear of personal day-camps, unless you have permission from the Autocrat or the Department of Public Works. Day-camps are welcome in the Populace Lounge.
  9. Everyone, regardless of their SCA rank or their rush to reach a particular activity, must troll in. No exceptions.
  10. Per SCA policy, everyone attending must wear an attempt at pre-1600 costume and must comport themselves as a Lord or Lady of these Current Middle Ages. Be courteous to those around you, and we will all have a fun day.