Martial Activitives at Masque


9-10 – Inspections & Authorizations

10-11:30 – “You call that dancing?” Tournament

11:30-1 Lunch Break

1:30-3 – Blade Waltz Tournament

3:00 List closes


Tournament Descriptions:

“You call that dancing?” Tournament

The art and ritual of one-upsmanship.

A quick wit and some flashy clothes may get the attention of someone, but let’s really wow them with some flashy moves.

Single sword only, however your off hand must remain in contact with your hip or your head during the entire fight.

Flashy moves strongly encouraged, as this will be a judged event.


Blade Waltz Tournament

Note: Use of the term Lord and Lady for this Tournament is for the purpose of describing the rules.

Choosing to fight as either a Lord or a Lady remains each individual’s choice.

Competitors will sign up as teams and the selected gender identity will remain constant for the duration of this tournament.

A temporary suitable identifying object may be added to a competitor’s outfit where the gender role for this tournament is not clear.


Lord and Lady A join hands, as do Lord and Lady B and such that Lords will fight left handed and Ladies will fight right handed.

A combatant that dies should attempt to immediately remove themselves from the list due to safety concerns.

The fight will continue until one of the two conditions is met.

Condition A: Exactly 1 Lord and 1 Lady are alive, regardless of which team they were initially on and will advance together as a new couple.

Condition B: Only the Lords, or the Ladies, are alive and will fight until only one survives. The winner then chooses to resurrect either their partner, or their most recently slain opponent’s partner.

Double Kills that in any way invalidate the two above conditions will be refought from the same situation that existed just prior to the double kill.

Contact the Marshal via the staff list.



Double-elimination tournament for armored fighters. Bring ALL your toys...because you won't be able to use a shield for the second half of the tournament. It's time to break out of the standard tournament box, gang! Are you ready for this!?

Contact the Marshal via the staff list.

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