The Masqued Ball At Masque of Courtly Love

Dancing to the Oldies!
Dance the Knight Away as it was done in the goode olde days!
Instruction will be given covering the dances to be done (see the class descriptions and class schedule) at the Masque of Courtly Love Ball which will be held in the afternoon before Baronial Court. 
Dances to be taught AND performed at the Masqued Ball
1. Carolingian Pavane 
2. Official Bransle
3. Horse's Bransle 
4. Maltese Bransle
5. Montarde Bransle 
6. Sellinger's Round
7. Black Nag 
8. Rufty Tufty 
9. Hole in the Wall 
10. Female Sailor 

11. Strip the Willow
Questions? Contact Baroness Catriona, Dance Coordinator at


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