Masque of Courtly Love 2015: Lunch Tavern

Masque of Courtly Love: Love Bites

We're so pleased to welcome the Tavern of the Dead Parrot back again to the Masque of Courtly Love.

$3.50  Chicken and Rice Stew

$3.50  Baked Potato  Bar

$3.50  Salad Bar

$1.50 Side Salad

$2.00  Nachos, top your own

$1.50 Cheese and Crackers

50¢    Chips/Snacks/Granola Bars

50¢   Soda /Bottled Water/100% Juice

$1.00 Hot Beverages  Includes refills for the whole day; hot drinks available until shortly before court.

Have questions about the food for lunch? Contact the Parrot's Proprietress, Brighid Bhreathnach at