Masque of Courtly Love 2015: Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Masque of Courtly Love: Love Bites

Mystery Scavenger Hunt at Masque of Courtly Love


The gathering is buzzing with rumors that there’s a plot afoot that will harm the Baron and Baroness of Brendoken.

They say...

...A certain northern barony has their eyes on a southern land acquisition...

...A great Ox and a wise Owl may be impediements to the plan...

...yet the gentle and true northern neighbors have always been loyal friends to Brendoken...


Want to play and solve the mystery?

Perhaps the rumormongers have it wrong! Collect clues, and establish a story that will solve the mystery. Perhaps the goal is to trouble both Brendoken and their northern neighbors. Perhaps the Tiger seeks to seed dissension in close neighbors. can come up with something equally likely!

Fifteen scavenger hunt openings are available as of 2/22. If you'd like to play, say so at the Gate, and you will be equipped with a clue sheet. Folks who pre-registered for the scavenger hunt will also get their hunt kit at the Gate

Collect all the ingredients, and come up with a story to foil the plan including all the items in your bag of ‘evidence’.

Present your finished bag to co-autocrat Rose Peregrine for approval. All participants who finish the hunt will then present their mystery solutions in court. Independent judges will choose the best scenario, and present a prize to the winner.

Kids under 10 need an adult to accompany them on the Mystery Scavenger Hunt. Team play is encouraged for every one, teams limited to two adults or two adults/two children per team.

Clues will lead participants to both people and places around Masque. It's a great game to play with new folks who are attending their first or second event. There is no time limit, participants have all day to complete the hunt. All completed kits MUST be initialed and approved by Rose Peregrine. Participants will each receive a small bag to hold the hunt items.

Items to collect

Dust that trolls covet

Two spices needed for any dish

A leaf that crowns the arts

Notes of beauty and joy

Blood from the Pelican's breast

That which holds the world together

The remainder of a slash

Copper rounds, bright as day

Paint that does not smear