Staff Listing

This is a partial staff listing. For staff members not listed here, contact the Autocrats.

THL Francesca de Onorati (Norma Storms),
Lady Genovefa da Terranova (Holly Taylor),
Lord Hugh the Silent (Hugh Storms),
Class Coordinator
Master Mordak Timofei'evich Rostovskogo (Tim Nalley),
Merchant Coordinator
THL Katarina Peregrine (Karen Johnson),

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Staff Biographies

THL Francesca de Onorati (Norma Jean Storms)

CE, APF, CW, AoA (Co-Autocrat and Exchequer)

Norma has always had an interest in things Medieval and was very happy to discover the SCA in 1993 at the Leonardo Da Vinci event in the March of the Debatable Lands. Norma was so excited about the SCA that she helped set up the chairs for the first meeting of the Marche of Alderford in the Oaken Region of the Midrealm in 1994.

Francesca was Alderford's first Herald and then remained Deputy Herald for several more years. She has been a Deputy Seneschal under 4 different Seneschals from 1996 to the present. She has also been Alderford's MOAS for the past 3 years. Francesca has been the Head Cook for six out of the seven annual Masques of Courtly Love (1996-2002). This year Francesca was the Steward for Masque of Courtly Love VII. Francesca has also been the Head Cook at the second (1997) and third (2000) coronations of Sir Edmund of Hertford, and his Lady Kateryn Bronwyn. She has helped out in many other feast kitchens through out her SCA history. Francesca is also the steward for the Local Cook's Guild which is comprised of the four groups the Barony of Brendoken (1999-2004).

Francesca has taught at local events and at the Cook's Guild for a number of years. In March 2003 she was made a Companion of the Order of the Evergreen for her work in Cooking, costuming and research.

Norma has been a librarian for 24 years and has worked in a variety of school and public libraries first in New York State and then in Ohio. She has been responsible for libraries and AV departments in several high schools and has also been a Cataloger in a public library for 8 years. Currently she is a Reference Librarian and in charge of collection development for the Reference Department at the Stark County District Library in Canton, OH.

Lady Genovefa da Terranova (Holly M. Taylor)

AoA, APF (Co-Autocrat)

Genovefa joined Alderford only 3 months after its first meeting, in December 1994, and has been very active since that time. She was the group's Chatelaine and demo coordinator for 2 years and served as a deputy seneschal for one year. She then took the post of group's Chancellor of the Exchequer. She has held the office of Exchequer for Alderford for 3 1/2 years and has also held the office of Exchequer for the proposed Barony of Brendoken for 3 1/2 years. The records she keeps include not only those of Brendoken and Alderford, but also the funds for Rivenvale, as Alderford is currently their sponsor.

Genovefa is not new to event organization or stewardship. She was Co-Autocrat for Masque of Courtly Love II, Masque of Courtly Love III, Winding Down From War, and Rangvaldr and Arabella's Tournament of Chivalry. She has worked at nearly every event Alderford has been involved with in one capacity or another. She served as Autocrat-Assistant at Septemberfest and has frequently ran and worked at troll and various other positions as needed at events. Genovefa has also been coordinator of the Pegasus Farms Demo.

Genovefa is a member of the Brendoken Sewing Club, The Alderford Performer's Guild, and the local Cook's Guild.

Holly is a children's librarian at the Stark County District Library (SCDL) and has worked there for 4 years. She is the editor of the SCDL branch of local SEIU 1199's bimonthly newsletter and is an active member of the Health Benefits Committee for SCDL. She also does volunteer book-keeping for a local daycare, Pleasant Day Child Care Center. She is a very organized and efficient individual.

Baroness Catriona nicHugh Mclaey (Marti Livingstone)

ODH, OPF, AoA (Videographer)

Having taught elementary school for thirty years, Marti Livingstone, has a lot of experience in organizing chaos. She was the technology coordinator at her school and in that position created, filmed and edited many documentaries of school functions, retirement gifts, and informational short subjects. Once the digital camera was in her hands, no one was safe from her. THL Catriona has been in the SCA since the mid 1980's. She has served as a local, baronial and regional seneschal. She is the currently the chronicler for the Marche of Alderford in Canton, Ohio.

Lord Hugh the Silent (Hugh Storms)

AOA, APFx2 (Gatekeeper/Registrations)

Hugh the Silent has been a member of the SCA since 1993 and help found the Marche of Alderford in the Middle Kingdom in 1994. He has been Alderford's Exchequer (4 years), and it's Seneschal (3 years). Hugh has been the Gate Keeper/Troll for Alderford for 4 out of its 7 yearly event, the Masque of Courtly Love. He was Head Gate Keeper for the second (1997) and third (2000) Coronations of Sir Edmund of Hertford and his Lady, Kateryn Brownwen, and also for the 1999 Tournament of Chivalry for Sir Rangvaldr Jonsson and his Lady, Arabella Silvermane. Hugh was also Head Gate Keeper in 2003 for Northern Oaken Regional A&S Faire.

Hugh Storms is the Chief Design Engineer for E.T.S. Schaefer in Macedonia, OH, where he spends most of his days designing furnace linings for high temperature industries.

THL Katarina Peregrine (Karen Johnson)

ODH, OE, OW, APF (Merchant Liaison)

An SCA member since 1989, Katarina is a member of the Marche of Gwyntarian in the Akron/Kent araa.

Professional advertising/PR copywriter since 1989. MA, Business and Organizational Communications (University of Akron, 1991), with a concentration on event planning/production for small businesses and non-profits.

Currently teaching Public Relations Writing at the University of Akron, and as a consulting copywriter for The Creative Group, part of the Robert Half Consulting agencies.

In the SCA, holder of AoA, APF, ODH, OW, OE, all Middle Kingdom service or arts awards. Former seneschal, Marche of Gwyntarian. Former baronial chronicler, Barony of the Cleftlands. Co-autocrat for coronations for Edmund and Kateryn II and III. Solo autocrat, Oaken A&S, 1995.

Current responsibilities in the local and regional SCA include: Ohio Mart Public demonstration coordinator and group contact for Marche of Gwyntarian and the forming Barony of Brendoken.

Herald for the Barony of Brendoken. Contributor, national SCA FAQ. Division 4 coordinator, A&S revision, 2003.