Alderford Jeopardy Questions and Answers

These are the questions and answers to the Alderford Jeopardy party game that was created for our birthday revel in 2001.

ActivitiesAlderford had this group status when we hosted our first actual event.Proto-Incipient (we were Proto-Incipient until shortly after that date)
ActivitiesAlderford has hosted this many Coronation events.Two
ActivitiesAlderford often marches as a group in this city's annual parade.Louisville
ActivitiesOther than a church, the Masque of Courtly Love event has been held only in this kind of building.National Guard Armory
ActivitiesShe cooked the feast at Alderford's first event.Francesca/Norma Storms
ActivitiesStatistically, this unusual kind of tent has been the type of tent most frequently manufactured in Alderford.Yurt or Ger
ActivitiesThese two Alderford members made the shire's first Pennsic camp gate and sign.Linn and Sedric/Linn and Wade Eddy
ActivitiesThese two ladies were the Autocrats of Alderford's first event.Milica and Ailith/Kathie Courtney and Kate Soehnlen
ActivitiesThis North Canton restaurant traditionally hosts Alderford's holiday revel in December.Mama Guzzardi's Italian Restaurant
ActivitiesThis activity was the first Kingdom-level event co-hosted by Alderford.Coronation (of Edmund and Kateryn)
ActivitiesThis event was held in Alderford as a fundraiser for a Barony and a newly-forming Barony.Battle for the Barony
ActivitiesThis famous (or infamous) body of water was next to Alderford's first Pennsic encampment.Classic swimming hole
ActivitiesThis full event title is the only one in the group's history to contain a pun.Masque of Courtly Love III: A Festival of Ye Olde Thymes
ActivitiesThis is a community-service activity that Alderford performs on a regular basis for the State of Ohio.Adopt-A-Highway (litter pickup)
ActivitiesThis legendary hero and criminal was the subject of the first play performed by Alderford members at an Alderford event.Robin Hood
ActivitiesThis member celebrated a birthday by participating in Alderford's first demo.Justin/Scott Courtney (July 15, 1995)
ActivitiesThis neighboring group co-hosted Alderford's first Kingdom-level event.Gwyntarian
ActivitiesThis phrase is written on the very-wide cloth banner carried by the shire in parades.Society for Creative Anachronism
ActivitiesThis public property was the site for Alderford's first Birthday Revel.Silver Park, Alliance
ActivitiesThis type of meat was the main course at Alderford's first formal feast.Chicken
Early HistoryAlderford advanced to full status on this date.June 7, 1997
Early HistoryAlderford conducted its first activity as a full status group on this date.June 8, 1997
Early HistoryAlderford's first Pennsic encampment as a group happened in this year.1995
Early HistoryAlderford's first activity as a full-status group took place in this city.Massillon
Early HistoryAt this event in 1994, a meeting took place which had the effect of triggering Alderford's formation.Pennsic
Early HistoryOn this date, the organizational meeting at which it was decided to form a new shire in Canton and vicinity was held.Sept. 27, 1994
Early HistoryThese two ladies met in an official capacity with Justin and Milica in 1994 to answer questions about forming a new shire.Catriona and Alys Katherine
Early HistoryThey were the King and Queen who announced Alderford's full status advancement.Edmund and Kateryn
Early HistoryThis academic institution was the site of the shire's first regular business meeting.Stark State College (Stark Tech also accepted)
Early HistoryThis activity was Alderford's first as a full-status group without a sponsor.Walk Through History demo
Early HistoryThis building was the location of Alderford's organizing meeting.Louisville Public Library
Early HistoryThis couple were Baron and Baroness of the land containing Alderford, during Alderford's formation.Thomas and Margaret
Early HistoryThis event is where Alderford's full status advancement formally announced.Northern Oaken War Maneuvers
Early HistoryThis is the city where the Proto-Incipient shire's very first public demo was held.Alliance (Rodman Public Library)
Early HistoryThe phrase "Skraelling Cross" was heard in Alderford as this decision was debated.Choosing the shire name
Early HistoryThis lady took minutes at the shire's first regular business meeting.Francesca
Early HistoryThis many people attended the first regular business meeting for the shire.18
Early HistoryThis other local group was Aldeford's sponsor during its formation.Gwyntarian
Early HistoryThis was the date of the shire's first meeting, not counting the organizing meeting.October 11, 1994
Early HistoryThis was the original name given to this shire, before Alderford.Winterbeere
GeographyThis administrative division of the Middle Kingdom contains Alderford and nearly forty other groups.Oaken Region
GeographyIn this compass direction, Alderford does not currently border any other local group.South
GeographyAlderford was once part of this Barony.Middle Marches
GeographyThese two counties are currently claimed by Alderford.Stark and Carroll
GeographyThese two counties were once claimed by our shire, but were later released.Tuscarawas and Columbiana
GeographyThis group barely touches Alderford on the east.Rivenvale
GeographyThis group borders Alderford on the north.Gwyntarian
GeographyThis group borders Alderford on the west.Thistle
GeographyOther than the Middle Kingdom, this Kingdom is nearest to Alderford.Aethelmearc
GeographyOf the local groups bordering Alderford, this one is the oldest.Gwyntarian
Heralds and HeraldryA Herald advised us not to submit the original name for the shire, saying that in period it sounded as if we were naming our shire after this fruit.Strawberry
Heralds and HeraldryAside from black and white, these two colors appear on Alderford's heraldic device.Blue and Red
Heralds and HeraldryClusters of these were added to the leaf sprig that appears on Alderford's heraldic device.Berries
Heralds and HeraldryIt took this many submission attempts to get Alderford's name and device through the College of Arms.One (Winterbeere was never submitted)
Heralds and HeraldryThese two plant species appears on Alderford's heraldic device.Alder Tree and Laurel Tree
Heralds and HeraldryThis Herald in another group advised Alderford not to submit its first choice of name.Talan
Heralds and HeraldryThis botanical object on Alderford's heraldic device designates it as a "group" device rather than an individual's.Laurel wreath
Heralds and HeraldryThis brand of automobile is also the heraldic name for the wiggly lines that appear at the bottom of Alderford's heraldic device.A "ford"
Heralds and HeraldryThis person was Alderford's first Herald.Francesca/Norma Storms
Heralds and HeraldryThis item is the only charge on Alderford's heraldic *badge*.Alder slip
Newsletter and WebThe buttons on Alderford's home page are arranged to represent this kind of medieval structure.Castle
Newsletter and WebThis Herald's cry is the title of the announcements page on Alderford's web site.Oyez!
Newsletter and WebThis botanical object is the current name of the shire's newsletter.The Alder Leaf
Newsletter and WebThis early Alderford Chronicler selected the current name of the newsletter.Milica/Kathie Courtney
Newsletter and WebThis former Alderford Chronicler won a Kingdom-level prize for design and layout of the newsletter.Milica/Kathie Courtney
Newsletter and WebThis lady became Alderford's Chronicler after Lady Meredydd.Ailith/Kate Soehnlen
Newsletter and WebThis lady currently serves as Alderford's Chronicler.Camille/Bonnie Page
Newsletter and WebThis medieval occupation was also the name of the shire's first newsletter.The Scrivener
Newsletter and WebThis name has been used in the past as a title for April Fool's parody issues of the Alderford newsletter.Alder Laff
Newsletter and WebThis person was the shire's first Chronicler.Malachi/Mike Rembert
OfficersAlderford had this many Seneschals between the group's founding and its advancement to full status.One
OfficersHe was Alderford's first warranted heavy weapons Marshal.James/James Kral
OfficersHe was Alderford's first Minister of Sciences.Sedric/Wade Eddy
OfficersHe was Alderford's second Exchequer.Hugh/Hugh Storms
OfficersOf the six individuals who held office first in Alderford, this many are still active in the group.Five (!)
OfficersShe was Alderford's first Minister of Arts.Ailith/Kate Soehnlen
OfficersShe was Alderford's land agent for Pennsic in 2001.Ailith/Kate Soehnlen
OfficersThese three Alderford members hold, or have held, a warranted office at Regional or higher level.Milica, Catriona, Justin
OfficersThis person was Alderford's first Chatelaine.Meredydd/Danielle Dugan
OfficersThese two offices which Alderford had at its founding no longer exist in the Midrealm.Minister of Arts and Minister of Sciences
OfficersThis Deputy Seneschal in Alderford has served continuously under all three of the group's Seneschals.Quentin/Philip Soehnlen
OfficersThis Viking was Alderford's first warranted Archery Marshal.Olaf the Grey/Eldon Eddy
OfficersThis current Alderford member was once a Baronial Seneschal.Catriona/Marti Smith
OfficersThis person had the title of "Sponsoring Seneschal" when Alderford was first forming.Patraic O'Docartaigh/Patrick Daugherty
OfficersThis person was Alderford's first Exchequer.Etienne/Eric Stevenson
OfficersThis person was Alderford's first Seneschal.Justin/Scott Courtney
OfficersThis person was Kingdom Seneschal when Alderford became full status.Duchess Lisa
OfficersThis person was the *second* (and final) "Sponsoring Seneschal" to Alderford.Katarina/Karen Johnson
OfficersThis lady serves as Alderford's Quartermaster.Jeanne'/Jenna Kramer
OfficersThis lady currently serves as Alderford's Chatelaine.Melissa/Missy Aube
PeopleHe was (fortunately) the only person who has ever died as a member of Alderford.Francois Enbalance du Bruffs/Kerry Malcolm
PeopleHe was the first fighter to authorize while a member of the shire.Colin/Matt Cribbs
PeopleHe was the first member of Alderford to have made a gift of an A&S project to the King or Queen.Quentin (broaches)
PeopleShe became the first baby born to two Alderford members.Brittney Page
PeopleThese ladies are the two Apprentices who reside in Alderford.Ailith or Francesca
PeopleThey are the two Squires who reside in Alderford.Einar and Garth
PeopleThis Alderford archer earned the right to be on the kingdom-level team.Ofria/Karen Thewlis
PeopleThese two lords were co-Autocrats for the 2000 and 2001 Oaken Melee School events.Ghe Jacques and Garth/Dan Plott and Todd Page
PeopleThis famous, and very tall, Knight was "slain" by Alderford's first authorizing fighter during his authorization bout.Sir Edmund
PeopleThis long-time Alderford member is named after the location of the shire's first Birthday Revel.Linn of Silver Lake/Linn Eddy
PeopleThis man and woman were the first Alderford members to get married in full garb.Gregor and Genovefa/Holly and Craig Taylor
PeopleThis member of Alderford was once Lady in Waiting to a Dark Horde Khan.Elinor/Eileen Vandersall
PeopleThis person was the first member of the shire to receive a Baronial award while a member.Francesca/Norma Storms (Gilded Reed, for cooking)
PeopleThis person was the first member of the shire to receive an Award of Arms while a member.Etienne du Valmonte/Eric Stevenson
PeopleThis gentleman was the first in Alderford to receive a Silver Oak.Sedric/Wade Eddy
PeopleThis member of Alderford was jokingly accused of trying to assassinate the group's then-Seneschal with a pair of stilts.Gilder the Jester/Matt Smolik
PeopleIn a 1997 April Fool's parody of the Alder Leaf, this member of the shire is pictured climbing out of a dumpster.Quentin/Philip Soehnlen
PeopleThis informal nickname is used to describe the citizenry of the Marhe of Alderford.Alderfolk
PeopleThese two artisans are known for their pewter casting.Dave and Sheila Guy
PeopleThis member's persona was once a slave in the Far East.Bryn/Brian Vandersall