Silent Auction at Brendokenfest 2009

Good people of Brendoken, “One man's trash is another man's treasure!” It is time once again to sift through the cupboards and spaces unseen, through the craft pile of Misfit Island and regions unknown. The Baroness of Brendoken Tea Fund silent auction will be held at Brendokenfest from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We are looking for anything that you would like to donate to fund the Baroness’s Tea at Pennsic as well as other whims provided by our Baron and Baroness independent of Baronial support.

All proceeds raised in this auction go directly to the Baron and Baroness of Brendoken to fund independent ventures and NOT into the Barony of Brendoken cash fund.

Auction Rules

Auction winners will be announced at the close of the auction. If a winner is not present at the close of auction, that winner will be notified via email or phone. Payment for winning bid is expected at notification. If a winning bid is not paid for in a timely manner, a runner up will be notified. Any item not sold will be returned to the donor at the end of auction. If the donor is not located or refuses to take it back, it will become the property of the Baron and Baroness of Brendoken to dispose of or keep however they wish.

Due to SCA and modern-world regulations, no alcoholic beverages or representations thereof may be included in this auction.

Itty Bitty Print

The Barony of Brendoken is not responsible for injury or damage from or with items won in said auction. Auctioneer (Cliodhna of Scoon), Baron or Baroness of Brendoken are not responsible for injury or damage from or with items won in said auction. If you break it you buy it. All items are auctioned off in an AS IS condition, meaning what you see is what you get. If you get it home and you notice some thing is wrong with your item we are not responsible and NO REFUNDS will be given. Bidder Beware!

The auction items will be displayed in the Dining Hall at Brendokenfest. To donate items, or for more information, contact Lady Cliodhna of Scoon,