Masque of Courtly Love 2015: Classes

Masque of Courtly Love: Love Bites

Updated Class Descriptions: Mask Making and Leather Braiding for Youth, 3/2/2015

Baroness Maerwynn: Masking Making Workshop
Length: 1 hour
Every year, one of our most popular classes! Drop in and make a mask. All supplies available, donation of bits and bobs of crafting supplies welcome. Children under 14 must be accompanied by parent. Although the Masqued Ball had to be cancelled this year, you'll still have the opportunity to start making a super mask for next year's festivities.

Lady Ursula Mortimer: Making Your SECOND Garb
Length: 1 hour

OK, you've folder over the fabric and stitched up the sides. Now you're going to events regularly, and you'd like to make something that fits a little better, and looks a little nicer, but is still easy to make. Learn a method that will save fabric, use all straight seams and look great on any shape. Handout, no fee.


Scribal Playroom  Length: ALL DAY

Come write, visit and paint all day long. Bring your own water if you can, please. A limited amount of distilled water will be available. Snacks, chocolate, and good humor are all encouraged.


Sarai Tindall: North Oaken Meet and Greet
Length: 1 hour
Calling all North Oaken group and baronial A&S officers! Come meet me, the new Oaken A&S officer, Sarai Tindall. What's happening in your group? Do you need contacts for specialty arts or sciences? Sarai is here to help you.


Malachi:  Easy Leather Braiding for Youth
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $2 for handout, $1 for supplies
Students will make a four-strand bracelet that twists, made from leather lace.
 For ages 8 to 18; 8 to14 year olds must have parental escort. Instructor will be available after class to help finish project if needed.

Mistress Catrionia nicHugh McIaey: The Hunt for the Unicorn Tapestries 
There is more than meets the eye when looking at the Unicorn Tapestries housed at the Cloisters in NYC. Theories concerning the meaning of the images and the history of the tapestries in light of recent research will be discussed. The symbolism of the depicted flora and fauna will be considered. There is a handout available.

His Grace EikBrandr Solgyafi Naeturaudi: Twisted and Braided Viking Armrings 
Length: 3 hours
Make historically inspired Viking Age armrings and neckrings out of nonferrous wire. The processes for various different twisted and plaited styles will be shown, as will the method to understand how to determine what style was used when a picture of the original is being viewed. The terminals and connections used in these artifacts will be shown and discussed. Since the site does not allow open flame, a final completed piece cannot be made since fusing, soldering, or brazing is required. 


Charric Van der Vliet: Tablature Decoded
Length: 1 hour
A how-to on reading lute, chittarn and bandora tablature

Charric Van der VlietPeriod Musical Notation
Length: 1 hour 
A survey of methods used to record muscial pieces from neumes to modern notation


Kateline Eliot: Baltic-Style Patterned Warp-Faced Weaving (Inkle Weaving)

Length: 1 hour

This class will focus on learning how to create a pattern using the techniques and materials specific to this type of patterned weaving and how to warp it onto a loom of any type. Graph paper and pencils/colored pencils will be provided for creating patterns. Participants are welcome to bring a loom (inkle loom, tape loom, box loom, small rigid heddle, belt loom) to practice on.

THL Elizabeth Alles: Jewelry Techniques: Cold Cabochon Setting 
Length: 1 hour

Each student will leave class with two pendants or a pair of earrings, no soldering or fire required! Limit 10 hands-on students, fee $5.


THL Zuriel Nightshade:  Basic SCA Cordials
Length: 1 hour
Everyone says that cordials are easy to make...find out how simple it is! Learn basic processes for simple cordials. Dip your toe into the wonderful world of brewing and vinting. Although this is a strictly lecture class, you'll be able to go home and start your first cordial on your own with information learned in this session.


THL Zuriel Nightshade:  Five Period Embroidery Stitches
Length: 1 hour

You've seen the projects on Facebook. Come on in, thread a needle and hang on! This hands-on class will teach you 5 period stitches, and get your confidence up so you can begin embroidering on your own.


Baroness Katarina Peregrine, Oaken Regional Chronicler:  Oaken Chronicler's Training Session/Q&A
Are you a new chronicler, and haven't had the training session yet? Been in office more than a year, and haven't had the training yet? Come on down! I don't bite, and there will be snacks. Looking forward to seeing you.