Masque of Courtly Love 2015: Heraldic Fashion Show

Masque of Courtly Love: Love Bites

Masque of Courtly Love Heraldic Fashion Show

Between the close of classes and combat, and before court opens, we're pleased to present the first Masque Heraldic Fashion Show. Wear your swirliest surcoats, or your cutest chaperons, and make it heraldic!


Sign up on the sheet posted near the Gate, and report to the Chapel at 4 pm.


Categories: Best Woman's Heraldic, Best Man's Heraldic, Best Child's Heraldic.


Use your personal heraldry, your household's heraldry, your barony's or that of the Midrealm to which non-peers are entitled. No matter which heraldry you choose, our panel of judges are looking forward to seeing how you express your ideas in your clothing. Be ready to answer a few questions, particularly if you are using your personal heraldry. It may be useful to have a representation of your complete personal heraldry available if you are using elements from that design.