Masque of Courtly Love 9.1: A Medieval Science Fair

The Marche of Alderford is pleased to present "Masque of Courtly Love 9.1: A Medieval Science Fair" on February 18, 2006, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., at Zion Lutheran Church in North Canton, Ohio.

Relive the fun of a Science Fair, just like when you were a kid, but now for adults, too, and now combined with the fun of these Current Middle Ages! Think up a creative project to demonstrate a principle or theory from medieval science—it needn't be "correct" by modern standards, as long as it's wrong in a period way. There will be categories for various skill levels and for different topics—and prizes for the winners!

If the Science Fair isn't your thing, have no fear. As in years past, we'll offer a whole range of activities, including:

Of course, no Masque would be complete unless we sent you home with a full belly, and so we are proud to feature a feast by our own THL Francesca de Onorati, followed by dancing to help work off all that food.


Site Fee
 Adult, pre-registered$4.00
Adult, at gate$5.00
Child ages 5~12 inclusive
Pre-reg or at gate
(2 children per family max site fee)
Children infant to 4 inclusiveNo charge
Feast Fee
 Main feast table, all ages, pre-registered$8.00
Main feast table, all ages, at gate$9.00
Children's feast, pre-registered or at gate$4.00
Non-Member Surcharge
(ages 13 and up only)$3.00

Fees for site and feast are based upon the age ranges of infants 0~4 years, children 5~12 years, and adults 13 years and up.

We are offering a family discount on site fee: All adults pay full fee, but only the first two children per immediate family are charged site fee. To further assist families in making this an affordable event, we will offer a special "Children's Feast" at a reduced fee. The children's feast will be served at a separate table (but still in the main hall) and will consist of more "kid-friendly" items than the adults' period food. Children who like food from the Middle Ages are quite welcome at the main feast table, but all seats at the main tables are charged the adult fee.

Send registrations to:

Lady Maerwynn of Warwick
mka Theresa Greene
4643 17th St NW
Canton OH 44708


Details are still being finalized for the event, so check back to this page often for the latest information. The canonical URL is: