Martial Activities

For those who are in the mood to attack their friends with pointy things, heavy things, or other instruments of destruction, we have just what you want! The Masque of Courtly Love will offer a variety of ways to have fun killing your friends and casual acquaintances.

Armoured and rapier activities will take place in the Main Hall; archery and thrown weapons will be outdoors.

Watch this space for more information about additional activities.

Armoured Combat Activities

(to be added)

Rapier Combat Activities

Lord Lorenzo of Gwyntarian, lorenzosca (at), is the Rapier Marshal for the Masque of Courtly Love this year. Lorenzo has a full day of fun planned for the rapier combatants.

Archery Activities

Masque of Courtly Love adds archery activities for 2009. Watch this space for more details.

Thrown Weapons Activities

We are also pleased to add thrown weapons this year. Again, watch this space for more details.

Martial Activities Schedule

TimeRapier CombatArmoured CombatArcheryThrown Weapons
9:00 a.m.Lists open for inspections and authorizations
(tbd)Lunch break
Open list (if Marshal present)
(tbd)Lists close. To help us set up quickly for Court, please remove your equipment from the Main Hall promptly.