Bardic and Performing Arts

This year's Masque of Courtly Love places a special focus on the performing and bardic arts, with a strong slate of scheduled performers as well as opportunities for informal participation.

Minstrels' Gallery

Ladies and gentlemen, nobles all! For your pleasure, many accomplished tellers of tales and singers of songs will be gathered together.

Beginning at lunchtime, every half hour a different bard will perform in the chapel. Come and cheer on your favorites; wander in and out as you will. Lady Ursula the Widow is your hostess in the hall of enchantment.

Some of the voices raised will belong to

  • Kateryn Draper
  • Juliane Beauchamp & Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy
  • Donalbane of Blakmers
  • Brendan O'Corraighe
  • The Ceit (Catriona Fionnghal nic Elphinstone) & Dennis (Dennis)

Motley Hour

A special Motley Hour will be set aside for those wishing to perform a single piece. To do so, please sign up in advance with Lady Ursula via (or before the music starts on Masque Day).