Masque Menus: Feast Service and Lunch Tavern

It's time for something totally new and different:

The Meet and Greet Feast

Find the photo of the beads that match your feast token. That’s your table!  Meet new folks, or, if you trolled in with your friends, eat as a ‘family’ group.  Report to the feast hall when the cry comes, and you’ll be helped to find your table.


The food is Scandinavian! Baron Einarr (yep, our baron) will be head feast cook. To volunteer to help in the kitchen, get his contact info on the Staff page.


On The Table
Flour-whites and wheat, sugar, baking soda,salt, butter, buttermilk

Scandinavian sweetened roll (pulla)
Milk, water, dry yeast, sugar, salt,eggs, flour, cardamom

Cucumber salad (pressgurka, agurkesalat)
Cucumbers, parsley, black pepper, salt, sugar, white vinegar

First Course
Roast Pork (svinestek)
Bone-in locally sourced pork, salt, pepper

Norwegian Fish Soup (fiskesuppe)
Carrots, leeks, rutabaga, celery root, butter, flour, vegetable stock, fresh fish (cod), milk, heavy cream, lemon juice, sugar, salt, pepper

Fried Cabbage and Onions
Cabbage, onions, butter, salt, pepper, rosemary

Second Course
Meatballs in Gjetost sauce
Butter, onion, rye bread crumbs, beef stock, egg, allspice, pepper, ground beef, ground pork

Turkey meatballs are available. Please contact the Feast Steward by February 11 at the link below.

Gjetost sauce
Butter, flour, cream, chicken broth, gjetost cheese, sour cream, parsley

Turnip Casserole
Turnips, carrots, sugar, salt, butter, mIlk, eggs, flour, cinnamon

Braised Mushrooms
Mushrooms, butter,veggie stock, onions

Hazelnut Pudding
Hazelnuts, dairy, flour, vanilla, sugar

Dried Fruit Soup
Mixed dried fruits, lemon, cinnamon stick, water, orange juice, honey, salt, cornstarch, vanilla yoghurt

Contact the Feast Steward via the staff list


Our lunch service is provided by The Dead Parrot Inn. If you've been to an event in Brendoken, you've had a Parrot lunch. Bring your appetite!

$3.50  Beef Stew
$3.50  Baked Potato  Bar
$3.50  Salad Bar
$1.50 Side Salad
$1.50  Cheese and Crackers
$1.00  Nachos
(top your own)
50¢    Chips/Snacks/Granola Bars
50¢   Soda /Bottled Water/100% Juice
$1.00 Hot Beverages  Includes refills for the whole day.


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