Masque XVII: Class Descriptions

Masque XVII: Class Descriptions

Dance Instruction/Masqued Ball Dances
Dances to be taught: 

1. Carolingian Pavane 
2. Official Bransle
3. Horse's Bransle 
4. Maltese Bransle
5. Montarde Bransle 
6. Sellinger's Round
7. Black Nag 
8. Rufty Tufty 
9. Hole in the Wall 
10. Female Sailor 

11. Strip the Willow
Dance classes will begin at 10 am and run throughout the day. Please check the room schedule for details. The ball will run 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Bronzino sleeve construction – Duration: 1 hr.
This class takes you through the process of making the full, rumpled sleeves seen in early sixteenth century Italian portraits step by step. Design and embellishment ideas included.
No Class Limit. No Fee. Instructor: Lady Heodez de Talento Minotto, CW

Glass Etching 101...... Or how to make a custom feast kit. – Duration: 2 hrs.
Ever wanted a custom mug? How about a plate with your device on it? Come to my class and learn how! You will leave with a finished piece, either a mug, plate, or bowl. You can also bring your own piece of glass. Please bring a several variable-sized pictures if there is some specific image you want on it. Anyone under 18 must bring parent or guardian by to approve being in class, but parents don't have to stay.
Class limit: 20. Charge: $10 for materials. Instructor: Aiden Tyrsson

On Becoming a More Efficient Scribe – Duration: 1 hr.
Tips, tricks, and how-to's for scribes or up-and-coming scribes. Please bring a ruler to class as I don't have enough to go around.
Handout fee $1. Limited to ages 16 and up. Instructor: Molly Sotherden

Mask Making Workshop: Adults - Duration: 1 hr.
The Tradional Masque Mask workshop. We supply the material, you supply the inspiration. Please, no children under 13 years of age.
No Charge. Instructor: Baroness Maerwynn de Warewic

Mask Making Workshop: Children - Duration: 1 hr.
The Tradional Masque Mask workshop. We supply the material, you supply the inspiration. This class is for younger members age 12 and under. ***Children under age 8 must be accompanied by an adult.***
No Charge. Instructor: Baroness Maerwynn de Warewic

Beginning Kumihimo - Duration: 1 hr.
Learn the basics of a Japanese cord making technique that dates to early Buddhist times. Useful for a wide array of SCA purposes, especially lacing.
Charge: $1. Instructor: Lady Barbara Webster, Baronial A&S Champion

How to Build the New Combat Archery Ammo – Duration: 2 hours
A class on how to build shafted combat archery ammo. It will be hands-on, using the correct materials and methods. Just to make everyone recall their childhood, you may wear a *SMOCK* or apron for the class. Further details forthcoming. Sign up soon--the class size may be limited. Instructor: THL Dirk Edward of Frisia

Rings on Their Fingers: Making Medieval Wire Rings - 1.5 hours
Learn to make simple medieval jewelry with supplies and tools you can get at your local craft store. Participants must be able to safely use wirecutters. Supply fee covers the handout and wire. The instructor will provide a limited number of tools. Participants who would like to bring their own tools should bring a ring mandrel, needlenose pliers, and flush cutters. Class fee for handout and materials: $1

Instructor: THL Elizabethe Alles



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