Financial Policy

The Alderford Financial Policy is designed to ensure that everyone in the Shire understands the fiscal policies of the shire, beyond those mandated at the Kingdom and Society levels or modern law. The Financial Policy was approved by the shire in October of 2003 and later ratified by the Kingdom Exchequer.

Marche of Alderford Proposed Financial Policy

The following points constitute the Marche of Alderford's financial policy in accordance with Society rules and regulations and may be superseded by any changes to corpora or Society rules and regulations.

  • Four signatories are required to be on the group's bank account at all times. These will include the Kingdom Exchequer, the local Exchequer, the local Seneschal and one other officer to be decided by the Exchequer and Seneschal.
  • Expenses under $50.00 may be approved jointly by the Seneschal and the Exchequer, but shall be reported to the shire at the next business meeting.
  • All expenses $50.00 and over must go before the group for a vote at a published shire activity with a reasonable quorum present before being approved.
  • All event proposals being submitted for approval by the group must include a budget.
  • Expenses approved in an event budget do not need to be re-approved due to costs exceeding $50.00.
  • Event expenses in excess of the approved amount must be approved as follows:
    • Amounts under $50.00 must be approved by the local Seneschal, the local Exchequer and the Autocrat/s.
    • Amounts $50.00 and over must be approved first by the Autocrat(s) and then by a group vote at a published shire activity with a reasonable quorum present.
  • All receipts for approved expenses must be turned in within 30 days of the incurred expense for reimbursement with the exception of extenuating circumstances.
  • All receipts must be reimbursed within 30 days of the time the Exchequer receives them.
  • Cash advances are strongly discouraged.
  • All cash advances must be reconciled within 30 days of the advance.
  • All event reports must be completed and turned in to the exchequer or seneschal within 2 weeks of the time the 30 day reimbursement period ends.
  • Any person who has written a bad check to the Society will be responsible for repaying the amount of the check and any fees incurred from that transaction by cash, money order or cashier's check. A second check will not be accepted to cover the fees of the first check. If this is not resolved within 2 weeks it will be reported to Kingdom. (Please note according to Society/Kingdom rules if the bad debt is turned in to the Kingdom, the person writing the check will not be allowed into any SCA sanctioned event without first paying, via cash, money order or cashier's check, the total amount of fees, bad debts and current event charges.)
  • Any person writing 2 bad checks to the group within a one year period will be put on probation and reported to the Kingdom immediately. They will not be allowed to write a check to the Marche of Alderford for a period no less than one year from the date the bad debt is reconciled.
  • All checks written by the Marche and not cashed within 180 days will be considered a donation.
  • Receipts will be given for all donations; cash, property, services (if requested) and said receipts must be signed by the Seneschal. In the event the donation was made by the Seneschal the Exchequer will also sign the receipt.
  • All funds given to the Marche must be deposited within 2 working days of the time the Exchequer receives them.
  • All money must be counted and verified. Both the counter and the verifier are to sign off on the count.
  • It is recommended that all financial questions should be directed to the local Exchequer. If there is a problem with the Exchequer this should be directed to the local Seneschal. If unresolved the situation will then be directed to the Regional Seneschal or Exchequer whichever is appropriate, and so on.