Minutes from 2004-12-07 Business Meeting

Baroness Catriona offers these Minutes from Alderford's December 7 business meeting.

In Attendance: 18


  1. Exchequer: Lord Hugh sent a message saying that there was approximately $3396.23 in the treasury. Pass the red hat collected $29.
  2. Herald: Lady Faqita reported that last week’s hands on heraldry workshop got a lot of people started on device and name.
  3. MoAS: Lady Aileen passed the list for people to write what they have been doing. She is planning a to resume classes after the holidays.
  4. Knight Marshal: Lord Einar reported that he had been in contact with Dan concerning the use of St. John’s Fellowship Hall for winter fighting practices. Details are being ironed out. He has sent in his Domesday report and Alderford has 9 authorized fighters.
  5. Rapier Marshal: Lord Gabriel was not present.
  6. Archery Marshal: Forrester Offria has sent her report in on time. There is an Archery practice planned for Dec. 10th at Hadley’s in Green, OH. Corner of Rt 619 and Main. The cost is $5.50/hour. Offria requested that the group purchase two loaner bows. After a short discussion the proposal was voted on and passed. On January 22 there will be a St. Sebastian Day celebration by the Gwyntarian Archer’s Guild at Offria’s home. It is a carry in dinner.
  7. Thrown Weapons Marshal: Lord Quentin was not present due to work schedule.
  8. Chatelaine: Lady Maerwynn reported that donations to Gold Key are a wide variety of types and sizes. She is wanting to step down, but her deputy is unable to take over. Lady Suzanne volunteered to become chatelaine. Hoobah!
  9. Demos: A reminder was given that Colin would like us to do a demo for his Boy Scout group. A date has yet to be chosen. Baroness Catriona requested a fighting demo for a class she is teaching in March.
  10. Web Minister: Maistor Iustinos reported that the upgrades will be made soon. He is waiting on the new server to be ready. There should be 3 times the performance and lots more space. The photo album is working on the test site and he plans to redesign Alderford’s home page.
  11. Chirurgeon: Justin reported that the corporate level chirurgeon’s newsletter is again being published in a PDF format. He has an article called "How to Train Apprentice Chirurgeons" appearing in the recent issue. Feketa should be a warranted Chirurgeon by the next meeting. Hoobah!
  12. Chronicler: Catriona has a Domesday report due this month. She is looking for articles. The newsletter is being sent to those who do not attend the meetings.


  1. Cook’s Guild TH Lady Francesca has run away to the Caribbean, so no report ;-)
  2. Performers’ Guild: Still on hiatus.
  3. Armorer’s Guild: Call Sergeant Garth for details. Offria has offered her horse as a model for horse armor.


  1. Masque of Courtly Love VII
    1. The ad is in The Pale. Her Highness, Princess Noelle, will be in attendance. TH Lady Ailith will be Royal Liaison. Lord Brice will be getting together with staff individually.
    2. Class Coordinator Catriona reported that five classes are secured but more instructors are needed.
  2. Oaken Melee School- 2005
    1. The date is secured on the Kingdom calendar. It will be held at the Roswell Primitive Camp.
    2. Please volunteer to help!
  3. Sewing Bee: One was held Monday, Nov 29th. Suzanne worked on her garb. Plans were tabled about scheduling a new one until after the holidays.
  4. Library Demo in the Summer: TH Lady Milica has contacted Lord Aidan concerning the possible demonstration of the greyhounds.
  5. Hall of Fame Parade: No news


  1. Storage of Wooden Castle needs to be inside not in Justin’s side yard. Lady Katya offered her garage.
  2. Barony of Brendoken
    1. There are job openings: Exchequer and Chatelaine
    2. Please contact Brice if you are interested
    3. A holiday greeting from Alexander and Catriona, Baron and Baroness Brendoken, was read aloud.
  3. Alderford gave a loud and enthusiastic Thank You to Einar and Maerwynn for hosting the holiday revel. It was a BLAST!
  4. There is NO MEETING on Dec 21st. However, Ceit mentioned that there was a Solstice Party at the Houston-Brumbaugh Nature Center. Contact Ceit for details.
  5. The meeting was adjourned and a social time was had by all.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Catriona nicHugh Mclaey.

Nota bene: The above Minutes have been edited for web formatting and to correct minor typographical errors, but have not been modified in substance. —Justin