Minutes from 2005-03-01 Business Meeting

These are the Minutes from Alderford's March business meeting, held March 1.

    1. Several event announcements were passed around.
    2. There were 22 gentles attending.
    1. Exchequer: Lord Hugh the Silent reported a balance of $3975.84.
    2. Herald: Lady Feketa Rosa reported that nothing new has been happening.
    3. MoAS: Lady Aileen was ill and did not attend. A suggestion was made to have a class on Court Etiquette and Identification of Crowns/Coronets at the March meeting. In April, since camping season will be starting, there will be mini classes on various aspects of SCA Camping.
    4. Knights Marshal: Lord Einar stated that indoor fighter practices at St John's depend on Lord GuyJacques and available dates. Practices will be announced on the e-list.
    5. Rapier Marshal: Lord Gabriel announced that rapier practices would be held at the same time and place as the fighting practices.
    6. Archery Marshal: Forester Offria was absent. There will be archery practices at Hadley’s from 6-8 pm on Friday nights. Contact Forester Offria for details.
    7. Thrown Weapons Marshal: Lord Quinton was absent but sent news that nothing was happening during the winter months.
    8. Chatelaine: Milady Suzanne reported that Shannon and Jason had a wonderful time at the event and may return.
    9. Demos: THL Milica asked that someone volunteer to coordinate the numerous demos coming up. Lady Ceit and Milady Suzanne volunteered for the job.
    10. Web Minister: Maistor Iustinos Tekton is in the middle of processing the photos from the Masque event. All the photos now on the web site will be moved to a personal site. He asked that people please update their personal accounts on the Alderford web site.
    11. Chirurgeon: Maistor Iustinos Tekton reported that Lady Feketa Rosa was the Chirurgeon in Charge at the Masque of Courtly Love. She did a fine job! The 1st quarter report has been sent in.
    12. Chronicler: Baroness Catriona pleaded for articles to be sent to her so that they may be published in the next newsletter. Chocolate is promised as an incentive.
    1. Performer’s Guild: In hiatus.
    2. Cook’s Guild: No news
    3. Armorer’s Guild: Contact Sergeant Garth for details. Justin suggested that Alderford host an armoring day for Marche of the Thistle's new fighters. It was suggested to talk to Garth to work out the logistics.
    4. Magician's Guild: Those interested in participating in this guild, contact Lord Vardon.
    1. Katya has chosen her SCA name: Katerina Chudnaya, with a nickname of Zabava. Hoobah!
    2. The Masque of Courtly Love event
      • Lord Brice/Autocrat
        1. Thanks to all the staff and to those who helped.
        2. We may be outgrowing the site
        3. Feast was sold out with a waiting list
        4. All but one merchant came
        5. Closing the gym door to the populace caused a traffic flow
        6. The feast was AWESOME — Alderford has an excellent reputation for feasts. HOOBAH!!
      • Maistor Iustinos/Marshal in Charge
        1. Deep thanks to Einar, Garth and Morgan
        2. William from three Towers and Curtis (Killian) from Gwyntarian authorized.
        3. As when he was founding seneschal, Justin felt the excitement and the camaraderie from everyone. The new folks participated eagerly. He is honored to be part of this shire.
      • Catriona/class coordinator
        1. A big thanks you to the teachers. We had excellent classes
        2. A HUGE thank you to the actors of the mystery play and to Milica who wrote it
        3. Colin's dad was absolutely wonderful doing the Comedia del Arte at the start of feast. My thanks to him.
      • Feketa Rosa/Chirurgeon in Charge
        1. Thank you to the Marshals for running a safe list
        2. There were no injuries
    1. The meeting is scheduled for March 27, 2005, 2-4 PM in Smithville, Ohio
    2. A proposal for Baronial Championships in September will be looked at
    3. Baronial Tabards will be worked on in Three Towers, Sunday, February 27, 2005. This will be a work in progress.
    4. Please remember that blank scrolls are need to fill the new scroll covers that will present at Coronation to Noel and Alaric
    1. The inventory at Norma's house has been postponed. Lady Maerwynn has done the inventory of the Gold Key items already. Please fill out an inventory worksheet if you have items belonging to Alderford and turn in the finished worksheets to Justin.
    2. Showcase: Catriona is able to go to the meeting with librarians in Newcomerstown on March 8th. Milica has sent flyers with general SCA information and contact information for the groups in the surrounding areas to be available for the librarians' use.
    3. Stark County Library Demo July 22 in St Peter's parking lot
      1. Friday night from 6-9 pm.
      2. 2 heavy fighting demos, 2 dance demos, clothing time line
      3. Active games and activities in stations—as at Ohio Mart
      4. Sample foods: keep it simple/pretzels, honey stix, wafers, Sekanjabin,
      5. Expect 600-900 people
      6. Staff members offered to help
      7. There is the possibility of a grant for a large tent
      8. Indoor site is St. Peter's hall
    4. Everyone, please look for the fittings and the bungee cords for the plastic garage tent. They have been missing since Winding Down from War.
    5. The meeting was adjourned and all had a social time.

    Catriona, Baroness Brendoken, respectfully submits these minutes