Rivenvale advances to full status shire

Rivenvale, the formerly-Incipient shire sponsored for several years by Alderford, has achieved full status advancement.

Following the wise counsel of the Curia Regis, Their Majesties proclaimed Rivenvale to be a full status shire at Midrealm Court, held at Pennsic War on August 19. Charles Oakley, the Midrealm Seneschal, said of their full status petition packet that it "could be a model" for other groups.

With their advancement to full status, the formal bonds of administrative sponsorship between Alderford and Rivenvale are dissolved, for Rivenvale is now able to stand as our equal partner. We look forward to a long friendship with the fine folk of this new shire!

Congratulations to all the hard-working gentles of the full-status Shire of Rivenvale!