Alderford Holiday Revel

12/04/2004 4:30 pm
Alderford's holiday revel will be at the house of Einar and Maerwynn on Saturday, December 4. Click the heading for more details.

The location is 4643 17th St. NW, Canton, OH 44708. Plan to arrive any time after 6:30 p.m. EST.

Some further details:


  • Smoked meat(s) for dinner will be provided by Einar. There will be a donation cup out to help with reimbursement for the cost.
  • Bring side dishes to share. It does not have to be period foods. Please contact Maerwynn to let her know what you are planning to bring so that we don't end up with an overage on any one type of food. Her email is
  • Alderford will supply the paper plates, cups, plastic silverware, etc.
  • Soft drinks will be available, but if you want something stronger BYOB. ("Wet" site)
  • Current side dishes planned (not a complete list, but gives you an idea what's already being brought): deviled eggs, cheesy corn, and reuben dip with crackers, cole slaw, and taco salad, cake, Italian cheesecake, and pineapple dip with fruit


  • Entertainment: Alderford Jeopardy game with prizes.
  • Donations of an item of garb for Gold Key is needed from all attendees who have been a member of Alderford for more than a year. Think simple and multi-sized. Children, young adult and mid sized adult sizes are needed. T-tunics...draw string skirts....simple peasant blouse chemises were mentioned as ideas.
  • A white elephant gift exchange will take place. This is a voluntary activity. If you want to participate, bring something that you have received as a gift or have bought, which you find is no use to you but which might be useful to someone else.

Thanks to Einar and Caterina for allowing us to use their house for a party.