Hudson Public Library Demo (Gwyntarian)

07/30/2005 9:00 am
Come and help our friends from Gwyntarian with a large demo for the Hudson Public Library, as they're helping us with our SCDL demo! The Hudson demo is a large outdoor demo with need for a variety of gentles with all different kinds of skills and things to show. The demo runs from 9:00 to 4:00.

THL Katarina Peregrine, the Gwyntarian Demo Coordinator, describes the site:

It's the "back lot", which is considered city property, although it will eventually be the library's. However, due to the extreme weather, there is no vegetation. That's right, it's just graded topsoil. So wear shoes that will be comfy, bring lots of water, a chair and what shade you can. Anyone who can lend a pavilion, if you can't attend, please let me know. I can arrange pickup, and will owe you big!

For further information, contact THL Katarina.