domain name service problem fixed

We had problems with the settings of our domain registry that caused this web site to be temporarily inaccessible. These problems have been corrected at the source, and the change should propagate to all ISPs within 48 hours. This also affects the Alderfolk email list.

Alderford's web site wasn't "down", but it couldn't be found by many browsers due to a problem with our domain registry. There is a master server that says "for the domain, here is where you look to find out the numeric address of computers in that domain." The answer to that "here is where" was supposed to be our own domain name server. Somehow that setting got nulled out, so that there was an incorrect setting for this domain.

The problem has been fixed at the source. It takes up to 48 hours for the correction to propagate out across the Internet to other ISPs. If you know someone who runs Windows and is still having problems accessing this site, please instruct them to reboot (shut down and restart) their computer. There is a known bug with certain versions of Windows that causes bad domain lookups to be kept in local cache forever (until the next reboot) even though the Internet's servers indicate that the information is expired after a given time period.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and offer our thanks to those who reported the problem.

—Justin, Webmaster