Mustard from Le Menagier De Paris p. M-36

Original: If you wish to provide for keeping mustard a long time do it at wine-harvest in sweet must. And some say that the must should be boiled. Item, if you want to make mustard hastily in a village, grind some mustard-seed in a mortar and soak in vinegar, and strain; and if you want to make it ready the sooner, put it in a pot in front of the fire. Item, and if you wish to make it properly and at leisure, put the mustard-seed to soak overnight in good vinegar, then have it ground fine in a mill, and then little by little moisten it with good vinegar: and if you have some spices left over from making jelly, broth, hippocras or sauces, they may be ground up with it, and then leave it until it is ready.

Redaction: Mix the seeds and spices in a mason/glass jar. Cover the seeds with as much of the vinegar mixture as necessary and soak overnight, keeping an eye on it to make sure that the mustard seeds stay covered with liquid. Grind seeds and spices together in a food processor until you get your desired fineness. Add honey and then use the vinegar left from soaking the seeds to get your desired consistency.

from Le Menagier De Paris p. M-36


It seems to mellow somewhat if allowed to age.

1 cup whole mustard seed

2 tsp Powder Fort* (mine comes from the Pepperer’s Guild)

16 oz. mixture of red wine/balsamic vinegar & a dark beer (I used Stout)

Optional: 2-3 Tbsp. honey (I use honey to help temper the bite of the mustard to suit my family’s taste)