Alderfolk honored in Royal Courts

A number of Alderford members have been recognized with Kingdom awards at recent Royal Courts during the past several months.

  • Sgt. Einar received an Award of the Purple Fret for his service as Seneschal, event Autocrat, and more.
  • Lady Fekete received an Award of the Purple Fret for her service as Herald and Chirurgeon.
  • Baroness Catriona was inducted into the Order of the Evergreen for her contributions to the scribal and performing arts.
  • Cynthia received her Award of Arms for helping with event feasts and cleanup.
  • Quentin [Whitmyer] was given his Award of Arms for his service doing event logistics, setup, and teardown.
  • Zabava was given her Award of Arms for her service as event Autocrat and her work in textile arts.
  • THL Ailith was made a Baroness of the Court of Edmund and Kateryn for her personal service to the Royal Household.
  • Master Justin was given the Award of the Silver Oak for teaching beginning armouring to new fighters.