The Meading Corner: Part One, by Fernando Calderon de la Cruz

Welcome to the first installment of what I hope will be a continuing column. It is my wish for this to be a forum where we can all trade information on mead, wine, and all forms of brewing and vinting, so to start it all off, I'll begin with the various styles of mead and a brief list of ingredients for those styles. I'll finish with a recipe.

Mead - honey, optionally with flavoring ingredients
Sack mead - same as mead but with more honey
Show mead - honey
Melomel, mulsum - honey & fruit
Metheglin - honey & spices
Morat - honey & mulberries
Pyment, pyment-claree - honey & grapes
Hippocras - honey, grapes and spices
Cyser - honey & apples
Braggot - honey & malt
Hydromel - honey & water, sometimes flavored
Oxymel - mead mixed with wine vineger
Rhodomel - honey with attar, a rose petal distillate
Omphacomel - mead & verjuice, the juice of unripened grapes
Capsicumel - honey with chile pepper

And last but not least, a style I like to call weirdomel - honey
with unusual flavorings. Laugh if you will, but if you really think
of it, all mead was weirdomel at one time or another. It takes a
brave soul to experiment with something, and somebody somewhere
had to take the chance and add flavorings and spices for the first
RECIPE: (Ingredients for 1 gallon)
- 2« pounds clover honey
- 2 teaspoons yeast nutrient
- « pack red star champagne yeast
- apple cider to fill to 1 gallon

HOW-TO / WHAT-TO: Heat [not boil] « gal. cider, yeast nutrient, and honey to about 170 degrees. Hold at 170 degrees for 30 minutes. Skim off any foam that develops. Transfer to 1 gallon jug and fill to within 1" of top with cool apple cider. Wait for temperature to drop below 80 degrees and then pitch the yeast. (I will explain this terminology in a later article.)

Well, that's it for this first meeting of the Meading Corner. Please feel free to ask me questions. I will warn you, though, that I don''t have all the answers, as I am a beginner myself. However, I will find the answer if there is one to be found. Remember this is for the exchange of information, so please send in whatever recipes and information that you may have to share and it will be greatly appreciated. You can E-mail me at