Melee in Roswell: A Very Civil War

07/13/2007 12:00 pm

Join the Marche of Alderford at Melee at Roswell (formerly Oaken Melee School) as we host "discussions" between Their Excellencies of Brendoken and the Middle Marches. After last year's collaboration to fend off the Duchy of Lozengy, there's the matter of whether or not taxes are owed.

Enjoy a day filled with various tournaments and classes. There will be an archery woods walk as well as trips into the woods for rapier and heavy weapons fighters. We will have classes for those not interested in the martial arts as well as a woods walk for those interested in nature. After you've had your fill of the days activities, enjoy a family style cookout with Brendoken and Middle Marches.

Still want more...stop by the fire for bardic activities well in to the night.