Louisville Schools Demo

12/19/2007 12:00 am
Alderford will provide a demo for Louisville students on Wednesday, Dec 19th, 9 am to 11:30 am at the Main Street Education Center, 407 East Main St, Louisville OH 44641.

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Likely topics (tentative list, subject to change):

  1. What you'd have to leave behind if you went into the past
  2. Children's position in the scheme of things
  3. Naming practices
  4. Some information about each of the people who come to the demo (i.e., they explain who they were in the past and a bit about their lives)
  5. Chivalry, knighthood, and courtly love
  6. Either a fighting demo or the donning of armor
  7. Archery
  8. Food and spices
  9. Medicine and dyeing (as in yarn)
  10. Christmas customs
  11. Open time for questions