Please read before posting

There are few SCA or kingdom published policies about forums, but as webmaster I will be enforcing the rules that do exist as well as some common-sense local policies. Please observe the following:

  • Keep posts kid-friendly. This web site can be read by anyone with a browser, and that includes children.
  • Please refrain from discussing modern-world politics or religion here. These are areas where strong opinions abound, and there are other venues more appropriate for these controversial topics.
  • Keep things courteous and cordial. We are all Lords and Ladies of these Current Middle Ages. If you have a problem with someone else in the group, take it up with them privately, and preferably in person.
  • This forum is not a place for official shire business to be transacted, because not all shire members have ready access to the Internet.
  • Statements by shire officers here are not offiical unless specifically noted as such.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances post copyrighted material on the forums. It will be deleted by the webmaster to keep us in compliance with modern-world law and SCA policy.
  • Stay on topic. If you want to have a forum for a topic not currently listed, just ask. They can be easily created.
  • Remember that posts here may be someone's first impression of the SCA, so please behave appropriately.
  • Do not post anyone's personal information or contact data into the forums without their permission. In fact, it is recommended not to do this at all, because (among other reasons) harvesting 'bots scour the web to obtain this data for marketing purposes.