Featured Speaker: Mistress Drea di Pelligrini

Mistress Drea di Pelligrini, mka Drea Leed, has studied historic costume for a number of years, specializing in 16th century costume and textile history.

She has presented papers at the International Congress of Medieval Studies and elsewhere on such topics as Flemish dress, Masque dress, and dyestuffs of the 15th and 16th centuries, and has lectured for several re-enactment groups and renaissance faires on the topic of 16th century costume.

Drea's publications include her Compleat Anachronist "Elizabethan Underpinnings" and her book The Well-Dress'd Peasant, as well as articles in Renaissance Magazine and Tournaments Illuminated. She has an upcoming publication in Medieval Dress and Textiles on fabric cleaning in the Renaissance, and she will be speaking at the upcoming Medieval Congress in Leeds on tailor's bills in 16th century England.

Drea's current areas of research include Renaissance dyeing technology, the 16th century tailoring industry, and an ongoing transcription and catalog of Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe accounts.

Drea currently lives in Springfield, OH with her husband and cat, where she works as a programmer to support her research and fabric habits.