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Technical or administrative bulletins about this web site, as distinguished from normal content

Alderford web site updated to Drupal 5.x

It's been a very long evening, but I just released the new Alderford.org web site to production.

Where have all the photos gone?

We're getting ready to upgrade the Alderford web site to a new version of the software. To make it easier to organize photos, and to simplify maintenance of the Alderford site, all the photo albums by Milica and Justin are consolidated onto their personal site.

New email lists for Brendoken

Two new email lists, Announce@brendoken.org and Atrium@brendoken.org, are available for the populace of the Barony of Brendoken.

alderford.org domain name service problem fixed

We had problems with the settings of our domain registry that caused this web site to be temporarily inaccessible. These problems have been corrected at the source, and the change should propagate to all ISPs within 48 hours. This also affects the Alderfolk email list.

New feature on Alderford.org: Recipes

Alderford's web site now has a section for recipes contributed by our members. THL Francesca de Onorati has kindly started us out with two from the Masque of Courtly Love!

Alderford has its own domain

Our new web site is online and running, and ready for you to use and enjoy. There are a variety of new features.

Alderford Web Site Upgraded

The Alderford web site has been completely rebuilt from scratch using a content mangement system (CMS) called "Drupal". Drupal is an Open Source free software package that can be downloaded from http://www.drupal.org/ .

The site isn't finished yet. In particular, Drupal's photo albums are really primitive compared to what I had on the old site, so I'm actually going to build my photo album code (with enhancements, such as the navigation aids suggested by Ailith) into a new module for Drupal. I'll then release that module as freeware to become part of Drupal itself.

I hope you enjoy the new site. I will be enabling features one by one over the next few days, as I fine-tune the software.