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Birth notices, marriage announcements, and obituaries

Zabava and Quentin proud parents of new Alderfolk

Lady Zabava and Lord Quentin announce the birth of their son, who has not yet been named, at 4:51 a.m. on Tuesday, July 18. Mother and Baby are doing well, though Mom is a bit tired from labor.

Marche of Alderford bids a sad, fond farewell to Lord Charles the Indecisive

He was known by many names: Charles the Indecisive, Constable Barnabas of Fife, and most often, just Charlie. Charles Carlton Dreyer, age 62, passed away on June 21 from cancer, leaving a void in the Marche of Alderford that will be hard to fill.

Alderfolk honored in Royal Courts

A number of Alderford members have been recognized with Kingdom awards at recent Royal Courts during the past several months.

Lady Ceit receives Award of the Purple Fret

Lady Catriona Fionnaghal nic Elphinstone, called Ceit, was presented with an Award of the Purple Fret on November 15 at the Alderford meeting.

Feketa Rosa becomes Alderford's newest Chirurgeon

Lady Feketa Rosa has just received her full warrant as a Journeyman Chirurgeon, making her Alderford's second warranted Chirurgeon.