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Marche of Alderford (Stark, Carroll, and Tuscarawas Counties in Ohio)

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Marche of Alderford business meetings.

Minutes from 2005-07-19 Business Meeting

Minutes from the July 19 business meeting of the Marche of Alderford.

Alliance Library Demo

07/28/2005 7:00 pm
This is a large outdoor demo on the beautiful grounds of Glamorgan Castle in Alliance. We have room for all kinds of exhibits and fighting. The demo runs 7:00~8:30 p.m., but you probably should plan to arrive earlier for setup.

Alderford E-Mail Lists


Alderford maintains several mailing lists to help members keep in touch. The main Alderford list is for any general discussions related to the shire. An Event Staff list is also provided for event planning.

Shire Inventory project work session

05/01/2005 1:00 pm
1334 College St NE; North Canton. Contact Milica, Justin, Hugh, or Francesca for details.

Stark County Library Demo

07/22/2005 6:00 pm

This large demo will need the full resources of the shire, with as many people as we can muster. The demo officially begins at 6:00 p.m., but plan to be there earlier if possible for setup. We need lots of show-and-tell items and fighters. Contact Lady Ceit for mor information.