Arts and Sciences

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The diverse arts and sciences of daily living in the Middle Ages

The Meading Corner: Part One, by Fernando Calderon de la Cruz

Welcome to the first installment of what I hope will be a continuing column. It is my wish for this to be a forum where we can all trade information on mead, wine, and all forms of brewing and vinting, so to start it all off, I'll begin with the various styles of mead and a brief list of ingredients for those styles. I'll finish with a recipe.

The Herbalist's Kitchen, by Francesca de Onorati

As we do research into areas that fascinate us, we discover any number of related areas that also become interesting. As I do research for recipes in my time period I have become fascinated by herbs and spices, and their usage in curing various illnesses (real and imagined!).

What's In A Name?, by Francesca de Onorati

How to decide who you want to be is not always an easy task!

Arts and Sciences

Articles in this section discuss the various artistic and practical endeavors that enriched the lives of people in the Middle Ages.

The Fine Art of Documentation, by Ailith Mackintosh

I wasn't sure how to do documentation for my garb, so I asked Mistress Rondinella to send some examples of documentation and how to go about doing it. I believe the basic style of documentation for any period art or science would be very similar to the format that she recommends.

Educational Articles

Members of the Marche of Alderford have written a number of articles on the educational aspects of the SCA, both the actual Middle Ages and the Current Middle Ages as we recreate them.