Martial Activities

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Armoured (heavy) combat, rapier combat (fencing), archery, equestrian combat simulation, thrown weapons, seige engines, and similar pursuits

Masque of Courtly Love VIII: Venetian Intrigue

Venetian Intrigue at the Masque!

Proudly Presented by

Marche of Alderford Device The Marche of Alderford Marche of Alderford Device

February 19, 2005
Zion Lutheran Church of North Canton
349 Lindy Lane NW
North Canton, Ohio

9AM to 10PM

Alderfolk Victorious in Baronial Championships

Serjant Einar Blakklar was the victor in last weekend's Brendoken Barional Championship for heavy weapons, and Lord Gabriel de Porte was the victor in rapier combat.

Oaken Melee School V: War of Southern Aggression

The fifth annual Oaken Melee School will this year include the Brendoken Archery and Thrown Weapons Championships, and an inter-baronial contest of arms between the new Barony of Brendoken and the long-established Barony of Middle Marches.

Some Archery History, by Olaf the Grey

Greetings and well-met fellow toxiphiles. Today I would like to share a brief story about the importance of the bow in ancient warfare. I will illustrate this by giving an account of the Battle of Crecy, France in 1346 during the Wars of The Roses and the Hundred Years' war.

Beginning Archery, by Olaf the Grey

Hello and welcome to the first installment of what I shall call the "Archer's Eye." It is my hope to have important archery facts, data, and history here for your Enjoyment in every issue of the Alder Leaf. If not every issue, I'll aim for every other issue. This month, with Pennsic drawing nigh, I would like to address in very Basic terms, "Range Safety and Equipment Inspection."

Archery Supplies, by Olaf the Grey

Hail and well met, good gentles. This month I intend to present for Your Pleasure, a brief listing of traditional billet and stave suppliers. This should help in your quest for semi-period archery equipment.

Educational Articles

Members of the Marche of Alderford have written a number of articles on the educational aspects of the SCA, both the actual Middle Ages and the Current Middle Ages as we recreate them.