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SCA officers at the local and higher levels. Except as noted, deputies of each office are included under the category for the main office

GuyJacques made Sergeant of the Red Company

GuyJacques, who currently serves as Alderford's Chatelain to welcome new members, was called into Their Majesties' court at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers on June 12 and invited to join the Red

Alderford web site updated to Drupal 5.x

It's been a very long evening, but I just released the new web site to production.


This is a list of Alderford's current officers and most of the deputy officers. Note that some of the officer positions defined in Alderford are not defined or warranted at the Kingdom level.

Alderford E-Mail Lists


Alderford maintains several mailing lists to help members keep in touch. The main Alderford list is for any general discussions related to the shire. An Event Staff list is also provided for event planning.

Alderford has its own domain

Our new web site is online and running, and ready for you to use and enjoy. There are a variety of new features.

Heraldic Device and Badge

Alderford's device was registered by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms in late 1996.

Financial Policy

The Alderford Financial Policy is designed to ensure that everyone in the Shire understands the fiscal policies of the shire, beyond those mandated at the Kingdom and Society levels or modern law.

Officer Selection Policy

This proposed is intended to ensure that everyone in the Shire understands the expectations of conduct and performance for our local officers, beyond those requirements mandated at Kingdom or Regional level.